My biggest college aggravations has to be the 55c price on cans of soda sold from the vending machines. This is because when I first attended this college the price was a half dollar, so that I could purchase one can now, and another later, or a can of pop and a candy bar to go with it. Now I can purchase two cans of pop only if I have a dollar and dime. I think that the extra nickel is hurting sales for vending machines instead of driving revenues up, as I am sure the original intent was.

Student Senate claims a piece of the vending machine income, which very well may have something to do with that additional nickel price. I must wonder who else gets a cut from the vending machines. As a student senator I know that I could do something about the cut that we get, but if it would not take off that five extra cents from the price than only student senate suffers.

But that is not the only problem I have with this college, I have a few others. The second one, and last one that I deal with on a day to day basis that I’ll mention, is the time. The clocks in the buildings do not match up, and are never right. The clocks on the computers are set by a central Novell server, and for years has been incorrect, yet no one has got around to setting the proper time on it. Allegedly, every night, the network connections are severed for maintenance, which would be an ideal time for setting the proper time on the server, but apparently everyone who has access to that is too lazy to spend one late night waiting for this network severance. I only have my own watch to tell me the proper time, and of course my handheld computer, but it’s not meant to be a timepiece and usually is not convenient to be one.