You’ll find contrast, reader, in between my last entry and this one. I’m upset. There was a big storm that came through the area just a hour ago, while I was here at school working on one of the computers and the power went out. I eventually called home and found out that the power didn’t go out, but the storm blew rain in the windows of the “library” at home, and it sounded like the computer in there had been destroyed by the rain. I had been keeping my computer, which I think I mentioned had died, and I was repairing it, next to the now waterlogged computer. I decided to move it this morning from that spot into my room because of this: It rains every day, and someone keeps opening and leaving the windows immediately behind the computer(s) open. For the entire week up until this morning, there has been about three thousand dollars worth of electronic equipment in that room, and it has rained every day, the only thing that has kept them from getting wet has been me closing those two windows, which are usually re-opened within six hours, at which point I re-close them.The person opening these windows probably has a perceived battle with whoever is closing them, since we never do meet at these windows. Now (s)he’ll know why I close them. Now they’ll know that if they had just left those two windows closed they wouldn’t be spending a thousand some dollars on a replacement computer. This has just made me a bit angry, just leave the damned windows shut. Rain + Computers = Dead Computers.