I got payed today, and all of it will go to fund my trip to Philadelphia tomorrow. I had my truck’s oil changed and I bought some new pants. The pants I bought at JCPennies, and anyone who has shopped there in the last few years knows how much they push the “Pennies Cards” which I think are credit cards. After the fourth time they pushed the cards on me I suggested that Sears may have the pants at a lower price and they dropped the issue. Work tonight was dead, and I was taunted by one of the servers which sucked.

I’m really getting sick of being in this town, but I’d hate to leave it for good. I’ve got to buy new stickers for my plates tomorrow morning so that I don’t get pulled over for that.

This morning my client for the Ohio Pen Show website called me and told me that the site was unaccessible for him and some others. I had to call the hosting company and tell them what to fix. I have no confidence in them, especially when this is not the first time that I told them how to do their job. Made me feel a little good though.