I am in Philadelphia after a eight hour drive. We had lunch at at Chinese restaurant named Win Wu (give or take on the name) which was decent for a buffet. On the horrible Pennsylvania turnpike we saw a truck transporting two ambulances with Arabic writing on them, which was odd. Also we saw a truck driver with a sign in his window “Show me your boobs”, who was more than happy to pose for a picture. For some reason Pennsylvania has dips in the road which causes my truck to swerve slightly when I go over them, so I nearly killed us both on one, which took us very close to a semi trailer. People in Pennsylvania when getting on interstates will stop at the on ramp and wait for a opening, as opposed to the Ohio method which is just gunning it and hoping someone opens up in traffic before you get there. Something surprising of note, so far I have not seen a single black person in the city. Lisa, who we are staying with, has a very nice house. Her dog is hyperactive.