A lot has changed reader. Two things can change a man, the first is easy to imagine, but hard to do: himself. The second changes men every day, he has less control over it, and it usually changes him slowly: experience. I’ve got a lot of the second in the last seven days. Some I might share, some I won’t. Blossoming love and terrible truths are both wicked instruments of change. A long awaited love faces me, I think it will pass me up, but I can hope. The wicked truth of an evil world that has only a light of hope, a light that is not nearly enough, but all that the world has.

I’ve started to revert back to the honor system I had set for myself years ago but let rot sometime in high school. I had let it fall by the wayside. Now I understand why I had it, and the importance that it served. Now that I’ve re-realized it, I will try to hold to it forever now. So many factions fight against it, the world, friends, and myself. To do good is not in the nature of a man, to do good, is the nature of being a man. Doing things against one’s own nature is what makes a man. Evil is what makes the soul, it will never be clean, but scrub we must. Never do I want to go to work, but every day I go. Never do I want to commit myself to a single woman, but this is my goal. Never do I want to say in one place and raise a family, but this is the only way to live. I imagine that once my soul is clean enough to see light through, I will not have to fight it anymore. Peace will be found.

Tomorrow, well now today, I foresee to be a important one, and the day after as well. Wish me luck reader. I will certainly need it.

I’m upgrading my fileserver (where my website files are stored) so it might be a couple days before I have new updates.