How long can a man delay the inevitable? I have choices to make soon, decisions I don’t want to make, but soon I will need to make them. Reader, have you ever heard that song “I Hope You Dance” or something like that? the premise of the song is that the singer is telling the subject of the song not to stay on the sidelines, to do, to act, to change. I was happy on those sidelines, but someone is dragging me into the game, who? I don’t know what it is, but I’m happy to be part of the action finally, but I don’t really like having to be forced into making some choices. What are the choices? The first, which is always the most important is: To dance or not to dance? I can return to the sidelines, I can become a spectator again in this game called Life, or I can charge in headlong like a samurai. The second is, how far and how fast do I dance? The choices after that are not clear to me, but I know they are there and they will have to be made. As always reader, wish me luck.