[one of my favorite entries to read from that 2003 era] Some peoples moods change with the weather, but I think that my entire person changes with the sun and the moon. The sun relaxes me, it’s heat calms me, it’s rays give me hope. The cold moon’s light robs me of all of that. My mind is plagued by doubt and fear and dips into anger. I think that I enjoy the sun more, but I also consider that what it does to me is a lie, a lie I love, a lie that is truly the thief, but a lie that gives my life a bit more meaning. The cold moon, perhaps it gives me truth? A truth that I hate, I truly hate, but does it show me my life for what it is?

The contrast of the two is intriguing. The observant reader may notice that for me the moon is certainly casting it’s chilly glow on my face right now. It tells me I’ve wasted my time, nothing I’ve put energy or effort into will ever give me a profitable return.

The sun told me earlier today that I only have to wait, I have to be patient only a short time longer, to put forth just a little more effort. The life giving sun told me that I’m so close to my goal, why abandon the race now? I’d love to forsake them both, just to spite the eye opener and the soother, whichever is the liar, and whichever one is telling me the truth. A skeptical reader will laugh now, thinking what a fool I am, for thinking the sun and moon tell me things. I know your right. What “they” tell me is really my own mind, but it shifts with the light of either celestial sphere.