At work, Sheena told me about her neighbor where she just moved to who apparently called the police with a noise complaint while she and her son were eating pizza and watching TV. I’m sure I didn’t get the full story, that TV might have been seriously cranked up for all I know, but I do know there are some people around who will call the police over nothing, just to be trifling.

Apparently, the police officer told Sheena that he was just giving her a warning, but if the neighbor called again, he’d have to give her a ticket. Since when are the neighbors the ones who are responsible for who gets a ticket and when? Later in the shift, Sheena was looking in the back cooler for Tom’s Ice Cream Rolls (which suck) and someone had moved them from their usual spot to make room for something else and she was freaking out, thinking that there wasn’t any of the rolls. We told her that they were just moved and she found them and was relieved. I told her that some woman had come in and moved them, “She said she knows you… She said she’s your neighbor?”

The lunch shift was very long and very busy, but it went smooth. I was glad when it was over though. During the break between shifts I sat in the dining room and typed my Ireland journal, which can be found at, of course. Just before the start of the next shift Sheena asked me a bunch of questions for advice about how she should handle a boyfriend SNAFU that she made when she was angry. I told her what I thought. When she came back in for the dinner shift she said that everything was better and said it was because of me and thanked me. I’m not really sure what I did to be so integral to the salvation of that relationship.

I’ve got to get to work, I’ll type about why my job sucks so bad later tonight.