This will be my first blog entry for Yesterday, Sunday, the plan was for me to drive to Cincinnati to pick up Katie and bring her home from school for her winter holiday break. Saturday night thought she was acting strange and near the end of the night told me not to come and get her, she’d just have her dad do it. Upon pressing her for why, she said I had been acting like a jerk for the past few days and she didn’t want to spend three hours in a truck with me. Fair enough, I thought. Later in the night she called me, in a disagreeable state, and I think that I gleaned that she’d just been on edge about the whole school situation and had been taking me a bit more personal than she should have, I mean some of the things I did or said. I’m not going to disagree with her on some instances, yeah I was a bit mean or a little too direct, and maybe that’s because this is the busiest time of the year for restaurant people and I’m stressed, but I won’t use that as an excuse for anything. In the duration of that conversation we decided that I would come and get her. We talked a little bit about something important, unfortunately a bit too personal to me and her to share here, but betwixt that and the state she was in, it’s the last nail hovering over the coffin of our romantic relationship, which will be pounded in very soon. That’s not really surprising, reader, but it is disappointing. It’s been a long time coming and I’m really surprised we made it as far as we did.

During our conversation on the phone Saturday night she told me that she needed me as a friend. I teared up a bit when she said that. I can’t really recall any other time in my life that someone has told me that they need me. In our own ways we’re good for each other, and we both know this, and I think this is the reason that we’ve held on to the romance as long as we have. An enlightened man isn’t required to divine that the romantic aspect isn’t requisite for our mutual benefit though.

Sunday, I woke up early, around nine (which puts me at about five hours of sleep) and set out for Cincinnati, the drive down was monotonous and uneventful. Once I got there I was happy to see Katie, I hadn’t seen her for two weeks. I’ll admit that I was slightly annoyed that she wasn’t ready to go, but I was in no rush to go anywhere. On the way home, on I-70 I fell asleep a couple times and hit the strips, which woke Katie up, after I think the third time she woke up and demanded to know if I was doing it on purpose I shouted “F%^$ no! I’m falling asleep!”, whoops, a momentary loss of control. Knowing that your in a state that is jeopardizing the life of a loved one is strenuous. I got her home. I put her to bed. She’s still there asleep.