So I had the conversation that I had with Katie Saturday night again last night. Same one, but she didn’t seem as receptive to what I had to say. It went worse, than the first time around, but I think we got some things settled that we needed too. It was tough. But really, what relationship isn’t? At work tonight I thought again that I so want to continue to have her in my life, even though it’s not in the same capacity… I’ve told her before that if I get a new girlfriend that is jealous of her still being in my life, that girl can take a hike.

Old friendships trump new romances.

I woke up late today, which wasn’t too good. I hit the snooze button once, and the second time the alarm went off I must have turned it off. I went back to sleep and woke up twenty minutes before I was supposed to be at work. I accidentally crushed Katie’s nose when I got out of bed, she was asleep and didn’t remember it happening. That’s, of course, for the best. I had to drive to work, which I don’t like doing. I don’t get my exercise.

When I got to work Stanley told me that Tom has been telling people that after Stanley takes out trash, me and him just stand around BS’ing, which so isn’t true. It ticked me off that Tom would be talking like that behind my back.

We ran chicken Parmesan for our special today. It sold well. I was disappointed to find that there is no sliced bread for grilled cheese, a mainstay in my diet. So I made spaghetti with pesto and marinara, it was boring. I left a voicemail for Katie and I called her “kitty cat” which I’m in the habit of doing. Terra overheard it and hugged me saying she liked that. I wonder what she was thinking. That woman is nuts sometimes.

I can’t remember exactly what it was about today, but someone asked me about something personal that was completely untrue, and I told them it was. I’ve always been in the habit of confirming all rumors about myself, regardless if they’re true or not.

Stanley told me that Terra had asked him, and according to him, no one else, about the theft of a hole puncher from the downstairs office. Now let me tell you a bit about Stanley… He’s nineteen or twenty, lives with his mom next to the restaurant and most of his life consists of video games, playing the guitar, and various forms of substance abuse. He has absolutely no use for a hole punch, but I find it completely believable that Terra would accuse him of stealing it. That’s the crazy sort of things that she does.

The restaurant was talking about a incredibly drunk woman that was in the bar the night before. Allegedly she made blatantly sexual passes at many people in the bar, including two known perverts, who turned her down. I found this difficult to believe, but than I was led to believe that she was very very ugly. Then I understood. Primo, our bartender somehow got stuck with the job of carting her home, but when he got her outside someone who recognized her stopped to ask if she was ok, and he handed her off and left. Not really a responsible choice, I suppose, but I can’t say I’d have done anything different.

Remember the picture of the car that belongs to the drug dealers? Today they were replacing their smashed out rear windshield with layers of Saran wrap, which I thought was hilarious. Also, social services showed up and that woman wound up in a shouting match (well the skinny crack head-looking woman was shouting, social services woman was collected by stern) and I enjoyed watching that. The social services woman wasn’t let in the house, which will likely result in a court ordered inspection of the house. One of the people at work told me the dealers have three kids, and in the year or so that I’ve worked across the street, I’ve never seen one of them. He also told me they have four dogs, none of which I’ve ever seen. You do the math.