I wake up on time yesterday, which is good, I like getting up on time so that I’m not late for work or anything. I leave early and go to the bank to deposit my check, which I didn’t get on time on Wednesday because there was some sort of problem with the printer at work. I also went to the Fieldhouse and bought a fifteen day pass for Katie. I thought she could stand to be a bit more active and it gives her something to do during her break.

At work, the pest control people were there, and they brought in a guy who was obviously a Bug Master, because he was so awesome at his job that he wasn’t required to wear the stupid uniform, but got to wear a sweater and a leather jacket. He was pointing out problem areas to the guys who were usually on the job and telling them things. Someone must have decided it was a good idea to call in the big guns considering that we weren’t losing any of our pest population as a result of the pest people showing up a lot. Personally, I felt that it’s in a “controlled” status, and it’s not presently in a “problem” status. For those of you who are unfamiliar with restaurant life, I would put money on it that unless a kitchen is kept hermetically clean, if it’s in operation for more than five years, it’s going to have a resident pest problem. The influx of fruit flies or gnats, if there is a difference, into the city of Zanesville, including our restaurant, was my main annoyance. I’ve gotten pretty good at doing Matrix snatches at them when I see them in my field of vision. They’re very difficult to focus on. But I’ve been crushing the life out of them. The Bug Master seemed to like me, maybe he’ll give me a job if this kitchen thing doesn’t work out as his Bug Pupil.

Alissa was on special for some parties in the morning. We talked like we were best friends in high school who went their separate ways after graduation and were talking again for the first time at their fifth high school reunion, both slightly embarrassed that neither had maintained the relationship, but both a bit excited that they were still on friendly terms. We found a degree of the comfort we used to share, to such a degree that Sheena asked us when the wedding was. We laughed, I told Sheena that we tried that once, Alissa told her that it was likely that it wouldn’t happen with our present situations, I said, if it does happen it’s not likely to be soon.

So the restaurant used to have two guys that cleaned in the mornings, Stanley and Marty, they still serve as kitchen help at night, but for various reasons the management found it best to remove the cleaning duties from them and replace them with some woman named “Penny”, who I think qualifies for the adjective “elderly”, but I couldn’t give you a good guess on how old she is, over fifty, maybe sixty, I couldn’t really say. I got the impression that she’s worked at this restaurant before, a long time ago. She seems nice enough. Now, the previous cleaners were in and out by eleven o’clock, the time we open up for customers. This cleaning lady was there until twelve thirty. Marty came in, for whatever reason, and asked me about her. I told him, in close proximity to Terra, that she had been there until twelve thirty, and before I could finish my sentence, Terra jumps in and starts saying how she was doing things the previous cleaners (one of which was present) didn’t do and she’s doing a better job, and she won’t stand for me to be running her down on her first day. If she had let me finish that sentence I was about to tell Marty that it was likely that she was there so long because she was doing something else or it was her first day and she was getting familiar with the work. I wasn’t cutting on her.

After work I went to where I’ll be taking Katie for her Christmas gift, I’m a bit more excited about it than she is I think. I’d never been there before. In the off chance that she finds this blog, I’m not going to mention anything more about it, but the people were very accommodating. As soon as I got back to the house, Jason came downstairs and had the phone in his hand and told me it was for me, and it sounds like a little kid. Jason’s not too good at doing the “stealth message”, you know, where you put your hand over the receiver and ask “do you want to talk to this person?”. I can think of a couple of other times someone heard him ask me “are you here?”. This time it was my sister on the phone, who does sound a bit like a little kid, I suppose, but she heard that and thought it was funny. She called to let me know she was almost in my driveway. I was giving her money for her husband’s Christmas present, whose name I pulled out of the hat for the gift exchange the family is doing. Let me tell you what, the gift exchange idea was the best thing to happen to my family’s Christmas in a long time. I only have to be concerned with one person’s gift, which is a big relief from having to think what to get a half a dozen people and than think how I’m going to afford all of it. I talked to Hillary about Katie’s present, she seemed impressed. Katie showed up in the middle of our conversation about it, so I shoo’ed Hillary away. Katie was getting some stuff to take back to Wal-Mart, and after that I took my computer upstairs to play Worlds of Warcraft with Jason. At seven o’clock, Katie came over and we left for Tumbleweed for dinner. She dropped me off at my house after dinner and went to her mom’s house. I played Warcraft for another couple hours.