Saturday at work I spent the first hour or so in the kitchen doing prep work with my headphones on. This is my usual Saturday thing, since I’m generally in the kitchen by myself. Today, Vince was doing something in the kitchen, cooking something. So I had to keep one of the ear pieces off of my head at all times. I don’t think he knew I couldn’t really hear him and he kept asking me things, and I’d still have to ask him to repeat himself. Between the hoods and the headphones I could barely hear anything that was more than a foot away from me. Marco showed the kitchen a crop of new scratches on his wrist and told us that his cat, Show Cat, had somehow managed to become covered in pine tar and the cat had stuck to his hand when he went to pet it, and in a desperate attempt to free itself, it had clawed him up good. Later he told us the cat didn’t actually stick to him, but it was covered in pine tar, and it was responsible for his scratches. That cat is evil. I’m glad I don’t own Show Cat.

Vince, while he was in the kitchen had a jug of wine with a metal cap that he was trying to get open. He had banged something on the lid a bunch of times and than I gave a shot at getting it open. The work he had just done on it had given the lid a bunch of sharp metal ridges.

“Did you get it open?” he asked me.

“No, but it got my hand open,” I told him, showing him the new gash on my right palm.

The restaurant was busy. We knew that we had over seventy people on the reservations book, but what we didn’t know is that about fifty of them we’d get at the same time. It was a mad house blitz. We got through the night, but it left me feeling rather drained. I made a few hours of overtime this week, which will make up for the days I’ll lose because of the holidays.

A long time employee of the restaurant started talking to me near the end of the night. One of our long time patrons of the restaurants is a member of the local legal community. The employee told me that they have never known this man to be sober, yet he’s in charge of sentencing people for DUI’s. How does that make any sense? Working in one of the most popular local restaurants which is frequented by members of local government provides me with the opportunity to understand how crooked and mismanaged this city is, and likely the rest of this country and probably world as a whole.