Sunday morning, Katie and I were supposed to go to church and than have lunch with my parents, but she didn’t really seem motivated to get up and go in the morning to church and I wasn’t feeling to gung ho either. I tried to get Katie up and going to have lunch with my parents, but that really wasn’t working out either. In the end, I went by myself, and Katie didn’t miss much, my parents’ friend Cheryl was there with her daughter Micah, and everyone had to hustle out because of a surprise for Micah of going to see the Nutcracker at Secrest. Katie and I were invited to go, but I hadn’t checked my e-mail for a couple of days, so I missed the invite. After they left, I called Katie over to my parents’ house so she could hear me play the violin. I decided that I would give her one of her Christmas gifts early, in a utilitarian sense it was a good choice, since she had a limited time at the Fieldhouse, it was a S2 Arm Radio and she seemed to be kind of down, and I thought that might help too.

So, I get my violin out, which let me tell you this about the violin, reader, I bought it cheap off of eBay for twenty dollars. If you don’t know much about violins, understand that twenty dollars is nothing. I got what I paid for. The violin, I had tuned the last time I had handled it, and left it in my parent’s kitchen. When I took it out a week later, none of the strings were in tune. So I set about re-tuning it, which was even harder than usual because the pegs are crap and they kept slipping, more than usual. In the process the G string snapped. This made me angry, but I kept it under control. I decided that the other strings were in acceptable tune and I would play a quick little song for Katie and we’d be done with it. So I took it all downstairs and in the meantime one of the pegs slipped big time. So I went to re-tune it, and the bridge came loose. So I loosed all the strings, that were left at least, and reset the bridge, went about tuning the strings again, and than the bridge actually snapped in too. Katie was very close to seeing me smash a black violin in my parents’ basement against the furnace. I kept it together though.

I had some mail at my parents including an envelope from my sister, which I thought had actually been mailed, which wouldn’t make much sense, as she lives in a neighborhood adjacent to the one she would have been mailing it too, but it wasn’t. It was a card with a mediocre poem about being family. The inside of the card said: I know we don’t see each other a lot or even talk that often, but I want you to know that it means a lot when we finally do. Also, I love you and you’ll always be my big brother! I read that in the kitchen and a few minutes later Katie found me in the living room.

“Are you crying?” she asked me. Great. Yeah, I am, which I didn’t say.

“Was it the card?” she asked me. I think I nodded.

“That’s so cute!” she said. I’ve cried in front of Katie lots of times, but for some reason I really didn’t want to be sharing this moment with anyone right now… I mean it wasn’t a big deal… Actually I think her saying it was “cute” was the thing. Listen, reader, if you find a male crying, don’t call it cute. It doesn’t make us angry or embarrassed or like you any less, but we don’t like it.

After that we left, Katie went to the Fieldhouse, I went home. A few hours later she came back and we went to Buffalo Wild Wings. I had a cheddar bacon burger, which was ok, and a half dozen of their hottest wings, which were flavorless, but I knew that. Katie had the teriyaki wings, which I should have got, because they actually have a flavor. I asked Katie if she thought if a eight year old girl at a nearby table was hot, Katie told me that she worries about me. I looked over at some other really young girls and said “What about them?” and Katie told me that the first girl was better looking. Now I’m worried about her.

We went to Walgreen’s after that and rooted through their DVD bin and I bought Ace Ventura and About Schmitt. I ran into my old Muskingum Christian Academy principal, Bob Grayson. We did the small chat “How’s Your Life” thing and he seemed rushed, so it was pleasantly quick. When I run into people from the past, I want that conversation to be quick or long, the in the middle type of conversations I don’t like for some reason.

Monday I got up fairly late and spent most of the morning cleaning. This room still needs work, but most of my laundry is now clean. After I got tired of that I took Katie to the Chinese buffet near K-Mart. It was the same old stuff. I think I’m seriously bored with Chinese now. I wish there was a Hungarian or Greek buffet around, why have I never seen one of those?

I spent most of the rest of the day playing Warcraft with Jason, but we took a long dinner break to go to Ruby Tuesdays. I had the salad bar, which was a disappointment, and a turkey and bacon panini, which was acceptable. I can’t remember what Jason and Allie and Katie got. After we got home Katie finished watching the movie that she had on pause, and I played Warcraft more. Than she left to go sleep at her dad’s, but she came back a little while later and told me that she was lonely there and her dad was being “mean”. I put that in quotations because I think that Katie uses that word very very liberally. If he had smacked her in the face and kicked her in the ribs, or had been dismissive of her, both would be described as “mean”. I think the second one of those was more likely to happen, but in reality, I didn’t really ask about the first one. So she watched Wag the Dog over here while I played Warcraft. She said she was feeling sick and was going to go back home, but she didn’t she slept here. I bet she’s fine now, I’ve been feeding her a lot of different kinds of food, so I think it was that Chinese that put her over the edge.

But now it’s time for me to get going to work.