So where did I leave off? Tuesday night is getting fired up, we’re getting busy. Tom and Alissa are who I’m working with. Problems begin almost immediately. Now I want to say right up front, that although I’m complaining a lot about the two people I’m working with, some of it was my fault. When the orders first started pouring in, and I realized we are about to do a lot more business than we had expected, Alissa is just standing around sort of dazed, here is a problem from my side of things, knowing that she doesn’t work autonomously, like I do, she requires specific orders. Than when she started moving, it was like she was taking a stroll through the park after church on Sunday. Things would go on, and I’d have to make sure the came off or they’d burn. She seemed lost when orders were going out. Two things that she did that actually made me angry: 1) she pulled something out of the knee cooler and accidentally knocked a container of shredded mozzarella on the floor. She made no move to clean it up, so I thought she was just going to finish what she was doing and get to it. Roughly ten minutes later, I pick up the metal container that was still on the floor and in my way, and I’d assume hers as well, and sweep up the cheese. 2) She looks into our holding oven for [baked potatoes] and announces “We’re about to run out of bakers!”, several minutes later I realize that she hasn’t done anything about it. Alissa can’t keep up or react as well under these sort of conditions as well as Ryan or myself can, I know this, but I’ve never ever seen her act like this. I hope everything is ok, but man, it was rough.

Tom, on the other hand, is the guy I work with more often than anyone else and I like that, because he doesn’t talk to me a lot. I enjoy conversation with Ryan when I work with him, sure, but sometimes I like to have time to myself to think. When things are nice and slow or moderately busy, Tom is great to work with. When we get very busy, or like Tuesday night, incredibly busy, Tom chokes. He can’t remember what’s going on, he doesn’t know what he needs on, he doesn’t know what’s going out. He has too many balls up in the air. This is something I anticipated, but added to the mix, he didn’t have anywhere close to the number of steaks cut for the night. Also, on the to do list he had checked off several things that shouldn’t have been, namely mushrooms, which I was trying to slice throughout the night to make sure we had them. Mushrooms should never have to be cut when we’re busy. This here, is just as much my fault as his, as I’d been there the whole day and I myself didn’t check them.

Marco came in and he’s like “How’s everyone doing”, all smiles. I just gave him this look like “Please”, and he asks me what’s wrong and I told him that tonight was a “f&$@ing disaster, Tom needs help”. Well, Tom didn’t need help, the whole line needed help, I just thought that was the single biggest problem area, and Marco took over there and things got smoothed out. In the morning, I worked with Ryan and told him about the night before and how disastrous it was. I told him that I didn’t want to work with Tom when we’re so busy, which I didn’t mean I didn’t want to work with Tom, I meant I didn’t want to work with Tom without Ryan. And I told him that I don’t know what was wrong with Alissa. She was due in to work later in the morning. In the morning, we got busy, and she sort of had the same thing going on. After she left I asked Ryan, “See what I mean?” and he’s like “Yeah,”. Ryan got me the Best of Will Ferrell DVD box set for Christmas. I hugged him.

I went to church after work for Freedom Place and played a bit of hackey sack, watched Elf, and talked to Rob. He seemed in a weird mood. A little crazy, it seemed. After Freedom Place, I went home and changed into jeans and a shirt and tie, and than waited for Katie. Tonight was her big Christmas present. I think I was more excited to give it than she was to receive, but I’m not sure. When she got here, she wasn’t really dressed up, like I suggested, and she kept apologizing for it. I didn’t mind one bit. I was dressed up and I liked it. So we got in the car and started driving. Throughout the last week I think she used up most of her guesses about where it might be, so she made a couple half hearted attempts at guessing, but just waited. I asked her a couple questions that had nothing to do with where we were going and insinuated that they did, just to confuse her. When we got to on the road in front of the place she figured it out, and I still tried to hide where we were going.

I could tell she was already super happy when we pulled up in front of Studio Blu, which is one of Zanesville’s only “spa”. So, I took her inside, gave the receptionist the name, and left to go to the movies. I saw Flight of the Phoenix, which I had expected to be a very dark movie, and it wasn’t. It was optimistic. So I was disappointed, but it was a OK movie. After that, I went to my parents and watched Jeopardy and Everyone Loves Raymond. A conversation with my dad about National Geographic and an article about “Was Darwin Wrong” (Which of course National Geographic wouldn’t discredit Darwin, but it’s a catchy article topic), eventually turned to nipples, apparently it’s a strike against Creationism that males have nipples. Why would God give males nipples if we have no use for them? Obviously, we have them because of our species coming from a species that had nipples. I told my dad that I thought that if male didn’t have nipples, it would still be a credit for evolution, as it would be evident that we evolved that way. I announced that nipples were not proof one way or the other, in the debate over creation or evolution. Than my mom made some little remark about nipples that sounded slightly sexual, so I started in about them. Innuendo about sex around my parents is a fun thing for me, and it seemed to make my mom laugh, and my dad was either uneasy about the whole thing, or just too tired to laugh. I was gearing up to leave because he was gearing up for bed. So I left to get Katie.

I showed up early, thinking that they’d probably have her done, considering that it had been three and a half hours and the people at the desk did tell me 8:30pm. But I have to wait, and wait, and wait. I’m a rather patient individual, and I don’t mind waiting one bit. My complaint is that they told me 8:30, and it was more like 9:00. I bumped into Jack Russett, of Russett Printing, while I waited, he was there for a massage. I hadn’t seen him in a couple of years. After he left, I rooted around in the desk at Studio Blu and found a bottle of Hempz lotion, which has hemp in it, and put some on my face and hands, and it smelled good and didn’t seem oily or greasy, so I liked it. I didn’t find anything else behind the desk that I felt like sampling or stealing or fiddling with, so I returned to the very nice couch and waited.

When Katie was done she was happy. She thanked me many many times throughout the rest of the evening. She told me that she felt like a clown with all of the make up that the place had put on her. She asked me if she looked like a clown. She did look rather different with the make up, I like how she doesn’t wear make up. I think make up is a giant lie, so I think that a person that either doesn’t wear make up or only for certain occasions, is a more honest person than one who doesn’t.

Although I do understand the social pressures and the cultural expectations that females wear make up, I still don’t like it, and I’m not calling people who wear it intentional liars, but moving on… As a slight change of pace, she did look a bit better, but it wasn’t right on her. I think I’d compare it to wearing some clothes around the house that you know you’d never wear outside in public. The feeling of that, mind you, I’m sure she’d look fine in public. In the make up department, it made her look a bit inorganic, since I’m not used to it… I don’t think Revlon makes something that would let everyone else see her the way I do, and I think that’s the kind of make up I’d like to see her in. Nah, I’m selfish, I’ll keep that view to myself. ;)

All said and done she had: manicure, facial, pedicure, massage (including a quick and surprising butt massage), shampoo & blow dry, and the make up consultation. She was very happy, which made me happy.

So we picked up a pizza from Donatos, and took it back home and watched one of the Will Ferrell DVDs and ate the pizza. Than we went to bed.

Now I’m up nice and early, and I have the last double shift to work before a four day weekend. Now that I’m looking forward too.