Ok, yes it’s been awhile. I’ve got three days worth of stuff to type about now. It starts of with Thursday. As soon as I get to work I start hearing about some drunk vomiting in the lounge the night before. Not only do I find this completely disgraceful, and yes I’ve done it myself before that’s a reason I don’t drink anymore, but outside from the drunk himself, the bar did nothing to cut this guy off. The Good Book tells us that root of all evil is money. I don’t think I really realized what this means until Thursday. On a very small scale it had manifested itself right there. The bar didn’t cut that guy off because he was spending money. Planned Parenthood just off of campus in Cincinnati doesn’t distribute the “morning after pill” on Mondays, when demand for it would be the highest- you do the math, because abortions cost more. But enough of this rant, I’ll give you more of it later.

I had to make beer batter for my fish Thursday morning, which I don’t think I had done for a long time, usually Tom or Ryan did it Monday morning, and it lasted the week, but this week we ran out. I had a lot of Killian’s left over, and I know that when I used to make it, that equated to a good beer buzz for an hour. This time I just dumped it out and didn’t even feel bad about it. That made me feel good.

I spent a lot of time thinking about my progress recently, mainly in a spiritual sense. I’ve been trying to be good and better and different, sometimes I don’t think I’m doing it, and other times I know I am. In the movie the Flight of the Phoenix one of the characters told a joke and I think it applies to a lot more than just boxing or Catholicism.

A rabbi and a priest go to a boxing match. As the boxers enter the ring, the rabbi notices one of the boxers cross himself.
“What does that mean?” the rabbi asks the priest.
“Not a damn thing… if he can’t box,” the priest replies.

This turns my mind towards not only my own Getting My Hands Dirty approach to Christianity but towards Church People. Pew Warmers. God’s Frozen Chosen. I’ve been told so many times about the “power of prayer”. I don’t think prayer does anything at all, at least the kind where your asking for something, unless your willing, and actually do, work towards what your asking for. I don’t think it matters if your asking for God to help you fight cancer or help you find your car keys. I haven’t been in the habit of asking God for things, not because I’m unwilling to act, but for other reasons, and I’ll save you the thoughts on that for today. I’ve got lots to type.

Returning my thoughts to work- we have an outdoor freezer with a pad lock. For some reason, we switched the lock a few months back from a perfectly functioning Master lock to some old lock which is supposedly very difficult to break into. This lock is also very difficult to get open in the winter because it’s guts freeze all the time. When I had to go out and get into the freezer the key wouldn’t go in without force and once it was in, it wouldn’t turn. I got a can of Pam and a book of matches and lit up the lock with a fireball. Maybe my crowning achievement for the day.

Between shifts, dad and me went to see Meet the Fockers. It was funny, I laughed, it has the two smartest babies in the world playing a smart baby in the movie. I’d recommend it. On the way back to work I stopped at Go Clean Car Wash to purchase my Retaliatory Presents. Let me tell you about Retaliation Presents. Every year there is at least one person that gives me what I like to call a Ninja Gift. You were not expecting a present from this person, therefore you didn’t buy a present for this person. Here is where the Retaliatory Present comes into play. “Oh thank you so much! I got something for you too!” The idea of the Retaliatory Present has to be something that has to be as genderless, ageless, and everythingeless as possible. I chose car wash gift certificates and air fresheners for the most part. Ryan at work got one of these gift packages, but his wasn’t a Retaliatory Present, I expected something from him. On the way back to work I realized that my intuition about things does extend to traffic and I shouldn’t have taken Maple Avenue. The light at Maple and Adair was out, and America’s anti-terrorism factions armed with their Visas and Master Cards stimulating the economy and “not living in fear” were out thick. So I was fifteen minutes late to work when I should have been five minutes early.

The night was very busy, but it went fairly smooth. Towards the end of the night, Ryan came back into the kitchen and told me that he had seen someone eating one of his medium rare 8oz filet mignon covered with ketchup. I hugged him.

After work, Katie came over, we had some difficulties that would later develop into a goodness, and when I say later I mean like two days later. In the morning, on Friday, I spent about an hour or two playing World of Warcraft, than I called Katie. She said she’d be over in a half hour or so and we’d go to Studio Blu. She wanted to go because her nail polish had been decimated by busser work and she wanted that colour back. I wanted to buy Hempz lotion. Yeah I bought lotion. I liked how it smells and it’s not greasy. After we left Studio Blu, I asked Katie where she wanted to eat. She told me she wasn’t hungry. When we were nearly back to my house, she told me she was. We went to Applebee’s. She seemed to cheer up there. After we left, I told her we had to make a stop. I told her that I needed to go to AutoZone. She demanded to know why I wanted to go there. I said, “I’ve got to replace these wiper blades, they’ve needed replaced for a long time, you know that.” She said, “If you buy wiper blades I’ll punch you in the face!” I know what I’m getting for Christmas. Back at home, I uploaded a bunch of photography work to stevenski.com and then went to my parents for dinner. I got the distinct feeling that when my uncle Wayne showed up, he had brought two unannounced guests with him, which wasn’t a giant deal, you should have seen how many left overs my parents had. Grandma was there, and my mom asked me “You do know why your grandma is here, right?” and I thought the answer to that question would be “It’s Christmas?” but it wasn’t. Apparently, Ohio’s medium sized snow storms that hit everywhere in the state except Zanesville, had killed grandma’s heat and power, and her basement was flooded too. My mom said that when they picked her up the night before, the inside of the house was 42F.

We went to Rolling Plains UMC for their Christmas service, we got their nice and early so we got seats. Ray Ray went with us, and keep in mind she’s about a year and a half old and her mom decided to put her in a cute little dress she won’t ever know she was wearing. Regardless of that, she’s in the pew looking at people and making noise and walking around. The young adults in the pew in front of us are looking back and I scold Ray Ray “Ray! Stop being so cute! Your distracting people from the reason for the season!” The people in front of us cracked up laughing.

Later on, this woman and her two kids showed up right before the service got started and were sat in the pew in front of us. During the service itself the woman said to her son (I don’t even know what the kid was doing) “Jesus is watching you! And he says that’s bad!” Good work lady, your using Jesus like some sort of boogey man. I felt like leaning up and saying “Jesus is watching you! And he says your misrepresenting him!” Later, my dad told me he was hoping I’d say something like that to this woman, after I’d realize I’d probably never see her again. Strange, my parents (at least dad) are now starting to bank on my behavior.

After the service I went back to my house to wait on Katie and get some stuff to take back to my parents with me. While Katie and I were stripping my bed to take the blankets to my parents she told me that she felt like the time I went to see Grace, which I don’t know why she’d feel like that, but I started wondering, which I do from time to time, what ever happened to that girl? I call her every month or so it seems like and leave a voice mail. What happened?

At the parents, Katie worked on her card for her dad out of construction paper and Crayons. I would love to get a card like that. When she was done we went to bed. I was surprised to find out earlier in the night that we were assigned to sleep on the air mattress (which I blew up, tons of work there) in Courtney’s old room. I found it strange that I’d be sleeping on the same piece of … hrm … What is an air mattress? Is it furniture? The same piece of furniture as Katie at my parents’ house, but that’s fine. I think that Katie probably wouldn’t have been comfortable enough to sleep if I hadn’t been pretty close to her.

Christmas morning, I went downstairs and found out that Ray had been up since four in the morning, so everyone wanted to get this thing kicked off early. I had no complains, I’m up, Katie’s up, everyone’s up and going. So I went upstairs and had Katie get ready a bit faster than we thought we had to before. When we came downstairs, I gave Katie a sausage patty and I made a pancake for myself. It turned out that Adrian was incredibly sick (later I’d put my finger, by mistake, into a puddle of his vomit by the curb in front of my house) and for the whole morning he just laid on the couch in the living room, I’m not sure for how much of it he was awake. Dad gave me the three collections of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and a bunch of clothing items from Land’s End. I was pretty psyched about the boots, but they were too big, so I’ll have to wait until he can exchange them.

I went back home and played World of Warcraft for a bit while Katie spent time with her mom. When she got back, the events of two nights prior finally culminated. It was a difficult ride, but I think it helped the both of us put some things in perspective.

[editor’s note: revising this post years later, I have no idea what the issue was at this time, nor the earlier reference to the Morning After Pill at the beginning]

After I stopped crying and got a shower, I decided I was hungry, and we called every restaurant that we thought that would be open at 10pm in Zanesville on Christmas, and were unable to find a single one. So I ate some stale corn chips I found in Jason’s room and we watched the first half of Something’s Gotta Give.