“At least Morocco has our back,”
“Yeah, f$#!ing monkies, thank God,”

Wednesday morning the chef was on a ladder behind the restaurant trying to replace a light bulb over the back door. I burst out the back door, slamming the door into the back side of the ladder.

“Oh s$%#! Oh s#@!!”
“Dude! Dude! Are you ok?!” I say.
“Yeah… I just have to change my shorts,” he replied.

I told the kitchen I almost killed Marco. They thought it was funny, he didn’t. I think it was Tuesday night, the server Jessica called off, AFTER one of the other servers saw her drinking in the Putnam Tavern. Wow, that takes a pair to do. She did a no-call no-show the next night and she’s probably fired. She’d probably atleast be able to work New Years Eve if she gave management a call. But I bet she didn’t or won’t.

Wednesday, Rob told me he couldn’t do lunch like planned. That was a bit of a disappointment, but he said that Thursday would be good. So I took Katie to my parents’ house and borrowed their Corolla and gave her Lesson #2 at driving a manual. We went out to OUZ and drove in their parking lot. She only stalled it a few times. I think that this time I stayed fairly cool and she got frustrated.

After that, we went to Sears and I bought a new hat, a sort of knit beanie, and a new shirt, since the one I was wearing needed retired. I drove the two of us to Dresden, we had planned on going to Popeye’s, but the whole town was dark. Later that night, Ryan would tell Katie that Dresden shuts down for two months during the slow season. I didn’t know that. So I drove us back to Bill’s BBQ, which is on the way home, and we ordered way too much food. Most of which we got boxed up to go.

Katie got called into work. I stayed home and played Warcraft.

In the morning, I took the leftovers from Bills to work for my breakfast. I ate a sopapilla and half a bbq chicken. I also played around with my new e-mail at work, which I can check there.