So it’s a new year, and it’s still early, so most of the people in southeast Ohio and everywhere else are sobering up from their binge drinking motivated by an arbritrary date on Pope Gregory XIII’s calander system. Yeah, I know, the pope didn’t revise the Julian calander system, it was someone else, and he just decreed it and got credit.

Yesterday was bad. I woke up, wasn’t feeling too hot, met Katie at Applebee’s, we left pretty early because I was feeling sick. I went to my parents’ house to shave down my beard, and mom shows up right before I leave and I tell her I can’t find my shirt, she asks me if I had one when I got there. Yes it’s December and my mom has to ask me if I came over with a shirt on or not. This isn’t something that she does because she’s illogical. It’s something she does because I turn up in the middle of winter at their house every now and then with no shirt on. I was a little bit late for work because I couldn’t find the shirt I was wearing ten minutes before…

At work I was feeling a bit better. New Years Eve, during the prep time, everyone is sort of quiet, waiting for the torent of customers to start pouring it. It’s the second busiest time for restaurants, and we don’t like it. The menu had been streamlined and so was the kitchen to be ready for the menu. I barely did any work at all, having only two food items to worry about, sautéed green beans and the Italian special, the green beans cook so slow that I barely had to pay attention to them, and the Italian special cooks so fast that I can start it and get it out of the way in about thirty seconds. The ticket count said we did about three hundred people, which is double our usual weekend number.

Alissa clocked out just before me, I was getting my jacket and hat and she came up behind me, and I turned and got the feeling she wanted kissed. Maybe I’m weird. I didn’t kiss her, but she hugged me and it was a very long hug. When she talked to me, I thought she was crying, but it was probably because she lost her voice. I felt sort of sad and happy about that event, and I’m not really sure why.

Outside, some drunk kid that lives near the restaurant stopped me to talk to me, I thought I was going to have to fight at first, but he was friendly and told me about how he’d been locked up for three felonies in a juvenile detention center, which he kept referring to as prison, which it’s not, and how he needed a job to take care of his baby boy. I don’t care. I’ve got showers to worry about. So I said it was nice talking, hopped in my truck, and he probably later died of alcohol poisoning.

Did I do anything special for New Years Eve? Nothing exciting, no, but it was special. At the house, Jason’s mom, who is hearing impaired, had three of her friends over, who are also hearing impaired, and they’d been drinking. I couldn’t tell you if they’d been drinking a lot or just a little, but they were loud from time to time. It’s a bit scary, at least for me, for deaf people to be loud. The sound is similar to the noise the zombies are making when they’re attacking your remote farmhouse and it reaches crescendo. Jason, Allie, myself and Katie watched the ball drop, whoopdiedoo stupid ball, and I kissed Katie for the New Years thing, which makes two out of twenty two years I’ve kissed someone for New Years, the other time it was a guy, so I think I’m starting to have better luck for something I barely care about. Than Katie and me came downstairs, I rubbed her feet, we went to sleep.