This morning flat out sucked. Well let’s look at the stuff that’s been going on for awhile, I have no job satisfaction, and than I’m seriously wanting a change of living space and, I’ve got a lot of confusion from several different social angles. Now, let’s take a look at today’s news to wake up to: Katie tells me that she can’t be just friends, this causes me a freak out, I don’t want anyone who’s important to me to tell me that we’re doing being friends, but more on that later. My dad e-mails me telling me I owe American National, my insurance company, almost eight hundred dollars, I talk to my insurance man later, and he says it’s all good, just some mix up in the mail. I’m still sick. I can’t talk well, and I cough.

On the Katie front, later she apologized to me for what she said, saying she’s just confused, and told me why… The reality is, she’s right to be confused, I’ve done nothing to define the black and white of our relationship. I do things that would and should and do confuse her, and would anyone. Later in the day we talked, I think things are better, but I know things will have to change, mainly on my end. Dave Chappelle, and likely dozens of other comedians, complained about whenever a couple “has to talk” it’s about things the man always has to do. I laughed, that seemed true. I’ve always tried to make sure that didn’t happen though. Sometimes I want to work on the relationship, they don’t like it either when “we have to talk”. Regardless of all that, I do have to change. I confuse her, and I need things to be easy on her right now. She’s stressed. She’s got a lot on her plate and she seems dissatisfied with her current lot in life.

So at work, I feel like crap. I’m sick, have been and will be. I can’t talk well, I cough sometimes, and I feel cranky. Patty tells me “Why don’t you clean up this mess?!”, which I had no idea what “mess” she was talking about, since everything is a mess, and it seems like it’s always my fault. I tell her “Why don’t you quit b#*@!ing all the time?!”, which usually I’m not so snappy, but I still didn’t feel I was wrong in what I said, just how I said it. Than, Ryan fumbled the marinara coming off the stove and it sloshed all over two of my burners. This was actually one of the best things that happened this morning, because I like taking on new challenges, the old ones I face every day get old and boring. This was something that had never happened before. We spent a half hour cleaning it. I used my science probe to clean the gaslets and than we just burnt off the rest that we couldn’t wipe or scrape up.

It was a busy morning, we did lots of business. Lucy was working, and I thought Ryan was going to stab her. She’s either stupid or really slow to catch on to how things work around that restaurant. Did I tell you about this new cleaning woman? She cleans things that it wouldn’t even occur to me to clean. There are these mats at the server station that she flipped over and scrubbed the bottoms of, they’re the bottom for a reason, right? Terra had me relocate some Christmas decorations that I erroneously stored a few days ago in the basement. She told me we’d “do it together”, which I wanted to do on my own, because I’d go faster. I’m younger and faster, so I thought it would be a easy project, but she stuck to her guns and helped out. Which it was ok, because I didn’t know where any of that stuff went.

Steve (not me Steve), saw that we got a new kind of hot chocolate mix in and started claiming that employees had been drinking it all, since we don’t sell that much, and than said maybe people were stealing it. The whole while he’s filling his personal Thermos from the company coffee pots.

The park I was teaching Katie to drive a stick in the way home, I stopped to survey the flood damage that’s been going on recently. I think I remember that it’s time for my monthly voice mail to Grace to see if she’s still alive. I’ll save the story of that relationship for some other time, but I find it peculiar and slightly upsetting, not that the romance ending, and likely for the best, but that I haven’t heard one word from her since the morning it ended.

So, I’m spending this break playing a bit of Warcraft, talking to Jason, doing laundry, and I’ve got to get to Taco Bell for some dinner before work.