Saturday night at work was sort of crappy. I had planned on going home at six, when Tom got there, so that I could immediately leave for Cincinnati. When I got to work at 3, Tom told me that Vince told him not to come in tonight. So I asked him to call later when Ryan is in to see what’s up. To finish out that story, he never called, which may have worked out for the best all in all, but it annoyed me. On Tuesday he told me he was waiting for us to call. When the rest of the line showed up at four, Alissa asked me why I was in at three, and I told her because I was scheduled in. I didn’t have anything to do so between having nothing to do and my headphones, about a half hour of that time was transformed into Steve-a-rino’s Cardio Dance Party. Ryan laughed, I said “You know it’s true,” and he said “Yeah, I’ve walked in on it before,”

The night dragged on and on. After work I went to Wal-Mart to look for essential oils, and bought candle oil thinking it was close enough. I went home around nine. It was a horrible night, I couldn’t sleep. I know why. In the morning it turned out I was right. I took a shower, found out that candle oil isn’t the same thing as essential oil and it can be a skin irritant (the burning finally stopped sometime Monday evening). I got behind the wheel and I left. It was a long drive, some times it’s shorter than others. Katie looked like she felt like she was half dead when I found her. I don’t really remember what we did most of the day Sunday, but we went to a church called the Vineyard Community at seven, it started at six thirty, but for a handful of variables we got there a half hour late. The service was rather well put together and I think I got something out of it. Afterwards we went to a genericly named sushi bar called “Tokyo” where we spent far too much money on far too little food. But it was good.

In the morning we ran some errands and had Skyline Chili. I dropped her off at her class and drove home. That drive was much shorter, I couldn’t focus on things I should think about, I just spaced out for I-71, and I-70 the Blitz played some songs that I liked, so I grooved to those to pass the time.