Ok, I’ve got a job now, in a kitchen. For about the last month and a half, give or take we have had maybe one week worth of decent business, that’s combined, not solid. I’ve lost bunches of hours because the kitchen closes or people have to get sent home, and that’s for one reason: there is no work to be done.

I’m writing this entry to answer one person and one person only who insists on telling me that it’s my fault that I don’t do anything at “work” and that there is “always something to do”. That’s total and complete crap. Steve, you sound so upset, why are you so upset? I’ll tell you why. Two reasons, the first is she is basing an argument on information she is unfamiliar with, namely the workload and the tasks of the kitchen. Secondly, she infers that I’m a lazy employee and everyone else is apparently busting their ass to get things done and I’m just standing around. That’s why I’m angry.

She tells me I’m a lazy leech and than refuses to let me defend myself. Screw that. This is my reply. This is my answer. This is my defense.

During the times that this restaurant actually had business, there is always things to do. Side work, cleaning, prep, whatever. But after six weeks, give or take, of only a couple shifts of business worth mentioning, that work is the only things we ever do. The kitchen isn’t allowed to do their full prep load because that leads to spoilage, so right there a bunch of our work we’re not even ALLOWED to do. Cleaning? We’ve cleaned and cleaned and cleaned, that’s why we got one of the best health inspections we’ve ever had last week. And on top of that, the cleaning woman that management hired always takes up some big project cleaning in the kitchen, which is one less thing I’m able to do. She’s been wandering around in the kitchen looking for things to clean now. After her regular stuff is done I’ve seen her come back and CRAWL ON THE FLOOR looking for dirt to clean and than leave without having done anything because there isn’t anything she can find to clean. That’s a OCD with nothing to do.

I’m done with my rant. I’ve got no damn work to do so stop telling me I’m standing there with my thumb up my butt leeching money.