Ugh. I’m sick. My stomach feels like someone lodged a boot in it. I’m late too. I woke up early, like at 7:30 and I felt good, but decided to sleep for another half hour and when I woke up I was freezing cold, and couldn’t work up the motivation to get out of bed, so forty minutes later I finally get up and now I’m a bit late.

I’ve got a double shift today, it feels like Wednesday because of yesterday, but I know I have to work all day. I’ve got a break in between shifts, if I feel like I do now I’ve got to get a nap. If I feel better once I get moving I’ll hook up that computer during my break. I was going to e-mail Katie this morning, but my Palm won’t connect to the network here all of a sudden, so I guess I’ll do that from work if I get a minute. I’m going to be busy today with prep work. We ran out of so much stuff last night. Anyhoo, I’m off to work.