Ok so I’m in the kitchen this morning and some woman in this ugly orange jacket shows up, I’ve seen her before, she’s with DHL, which is like UPS or FedEx, if you could compared UPN to ABC or NBC… But anyway, she’s asking me if there is someone who can help her with a box. So I go out and go to her van with her. When she opens up the sliding door on the side, a box falls out, from the sound that it makes I’m sure it was something nice. I pick it up for her and she instructs me to “just toss it in there”, which I do, I casually toss it into the van, on top of another box, which crumples under the weight of the first box. Than she tells me that the large box in the back is the one she needs me to get, it’s marked “This Side Up” with the arrow clearly not pointing up, and it’s also marked fragile.

So I put one knee up in the van in order to 1) gain access to the large box in the back of the van and 2) get support for pulling it forward. In that process I briefly lose my balance and my full weight becomes compounded on my knee, which comes down sharply on yet another box. I think it was something nice too. I look at the DHL lady, who seems completely unconcerned that I may very well have been responsible for the destruction of no less than two of her packages. Now I know that I titled this entry “Why not to ship DHL” and I’m the one who smashed up two out of the four packages in this story, but DHL is letting non-employees have access and handle packages they arn’t destined for them, and on top of that don’t seem to care about their packages what so ever. So if your reading this and you live in the greater Zanesville area and you get something from DHL that’s smashed up. That’s my fault. I’m sure it was something nice and I hope you put insurance on it.