Last night I took a nap in the bathtub for about a half hour after work, I was waiting for Katie to call. I’m pretty glad that my mom didn’t get up to go to the bathroom or something, I’m pretty sure that me asleep in the dark in the empty tub would have wigged her out. Katie didn’t call. I was disappointed. I called her. She said she didn’t because she didn’t want to wake up my parents. Makes sense… Still felt disappointed, which doesn’t make sense. Not a lot really does. We talked and talked and talked. We talked about the when’s and where’s and how’s that a romance would work for us. It looks improbable, but what isn’t? Really? We’re not “together” and that’s fine, that’s good, that’s best. I was wanting to give blood this morning, but I didn’t get motivated. I ate a sandwich and stared at my monitor for a long time. I wrote a letter. I bought some gifts. I played some Warcraft. I’m going to take a shower. Tonight is Saturday. Only one more night to get through. I work for Sundays now. They’re my day off. I go to church, I get to be social with people who are friendly to me and don’t really have any good reason to be. Did I tell you about Revvy? I’ll have to do that some time. Talking to him is a blast and you can do things that any other normal person would find rude, but he’s different, in some ways better.

I stink. I’m going to take a shower.