The kitchen was fairly busy last night, we got it all at once and it was rough. Pretty contrasting from Friday night, which was slow. After work, I pulled up next to a stretch Hummer filled with high school kids at a light. They had the windows rolled down so they could wave to traffic. Here’s the setup, stupid middle school and high school kids think it’s a great idea to rent a limo or now the stretch Hummer, so they talk to the company and the company talks them into renting the vehicle for more time than they really need, it’s not that hard to oversell to stupid kids. Now, the kids have a ton of time before or after the dance or dinner or whatever event they’re going to, so the driver suggest that they cruise Maple Ave., and Zanesville kids like doing this anyway. I guess I can’t be too self-righteous, although I wasn’t cruising, I provided escort for the stretch Hummer up and down Maple Ave. Some little blond girl waved at me from the back window at that first stop, and than I just kept pace with it for the rest of the time. Can’t even say why it struck me as a good idea. Better than just going home I guess. I passed the Hummer just before I turned off of Maple and the girl on the other side waved at me, and her boyfriend looked terrified. I guess I just have that effect.

I went to bed early. I woke up late. I wanted to go to church with my parents so I could attend my dad’s Sunday morning group, but Hillary called the house a few times, waking me up, than she came over and kept knocking on the door… Now my mom is trying to be considerate in regards to me, who she knows full well is asleep. So the dog starts barking at someone knocking on the front door, so she’s trying to shush him all the way down the hall, which is only making more noise for me. Hillary doesn’t seem to understand, even after being instructed by my mom to keep it down, that I’m trying to sleep. I get up and moving just in time to catch a ride with them to Rolling Plains. I talked during the group a bit, people listened. It was ok. I had something very insightful in my brain during the first part of the group, but I couldn’t put it into words to say.

The service was ok. We went to Taco Bell afterwards.

I spent some time reading this forum, and found it to be pretty insightful into the lives of others. These women have such dedication to their husbands. One of the women posting to that forum claimed her husband had been in the pen for TEN YEARS and she was still sticking with him. I understand that this world isn’t perfect, and sometimes good people do bad things, but how great is a guy that whatever it is makes up for … I don’t even know how to phrase it. The cat got locked up for a decade, what keeps her with him? He’s obviously Trouble. You don’t get put in a state pen for ten years if your not Trouble. Maybe we’re all just attracted to different things.

Because the thread was about tattoos, I started looking for pictures of other tattoos and found this page, which has some of the more beautiful work I’ve seen so far. Here. I’ve got two thoughts on those pictures. #1 I think it’s dumb and totally PWT to get a tattoo of your kid on you. Maybe I wouldn’t feel that way if it wasn’t for the airbrushed t-shirts of people’s kids I see at the fair. I think if you were to make a couple people walk around in front of me with airbrushed t-shirts of Escher’s work I’d probably start thinking it would be totally PWT too. I don’t know what sort of problem I have with air brushed t-shirts. Did I write about that van with the airbrushed portrait of, what I’m guessing is, the driver’s dead kid? and it has a caption that says “Angels in Waiting”? That creeps me out. I don’t creep out easily, but every time I see that thing around Zanesville I feel sort of gross. #2, look down that page and look for the large black back piece. At first I was pretty confident that the person who owns the back that the tattoo is on was female and I decided that it was the sexiest tattoo I’d ever seen on a woman. Than I spent more time looking at the person and some doubt got cast in my brain and I’m not so sure that the person is female. And than I felt confused and gross. I hate it when that happens.