Work last night was sort of bad. It felt awkward. I don’t know how to describe that any better. I was put on fry, and Marco took saute, which I hated, since he doesn’t do it the same way I do, and I kept seeing everything he did that I thought he did wrong or inefficiently.

After work I went to Pick’N’Save and bought nacho fixin’s. That place has some of the strangest examples of humanity near closing time. I ate my nachos and watched Blade. I wonder what happened to my vampire friends. I haven’t talked to them for a long while. Probably still bickering about nothing on their forums.

This morning I struggled with the FASFA system and CloverNet’s crappy web hosting servers. Every time I make an update for one of my clients that are hosted on their servers I do what I can to help my client think about switching hosting companies. Clover is such a crappy service. Something is always wrong.

I’m not really feeling motivated to go to work right now. Maybe because of the mildly successful nap I had. I thought it would be a good idea to sleep with Cooper, but he kept making noises and moving around and keeping me awake, and that once he settled down I couldn’t stop thinking about the phone conversation with Katie earlier. I think I got about twenty minutes of sleep out of the hour I laid there. I think I’ll get a shower and eat some more nachos.