I had set my alarm for about 4:30am so I could get up and start pulling down signs with my dad. Here’s the story, Zanesville is plagued by these various signs that say things like “Make Money At Home” or “Lose Weight Now” or K-Mart advertisements. Your town probably has them too. They’re either tacked to utility poles or staked in the ground. They’re also illegal. Unless the city issues a permit, which the city shouldn’t, they’re illegal. So dad wanted to round them up in the early morning and I wanted in on it. When I got up, he told me he slept too long and didn’t have time to harvest signs. It took me awhile to get back to sleep.

Church I don’t really remember too much of any particular noteworthiness except that I ran into two people I went to Mexico with on the mission trip. After church Ryan picked me up in the parking lot and we got Primo and Nort and went to Columbus. We were going to Genji’s for sushi, but when we got there the house was packed and there was an hour and a half wait. Forget that. We decided to try Restaurant Hama’s in Easton. No one wanted to drive an hour to go home without a decent meal.

Easton is just as white and clean and trendy and upscale as ever. I announced we were not pretty people and therefore need not behave like them. While leaving the parking garage I held the door for “non pretty people” and let it slam close in front of a pretty couple. That’s probably a bad mark for karma, but it felt good. I told our party, as we walked, that if I ever got into another fight in my life, I’d like it to happen at Easton with a pretty kid. Later in the day, I pointed out someone to Nort and told him “that’s the kind of kid I’d like to kick in the spine,”. He was a tall kid with that styled mussed hair look, a striped button up shirt which isn’t tucked in, and some loose, but not quite baggy carpenters. This is the #1 kind of trendy that gets me… This kid paid good money to look like he just rolled out of bed on a Saturday morning. How dumb is that?

Hama’s is expensive, which I knew before we went in. I took Katie there once. The food is always good though. I didn’t mind paying a bit extra… It wasn’t extra money for the food, it was extra money so I didn’t have to wait an hour and a half to eat it. Primo and Nort took to drinking pretty quick. Sake and Kirin I think. They drank two beers a piece, which are the big bottles, just shy of a proper forty. Ryan took it easy, just the sake. I, of course, had non-alcoholic Dr. Pepper. Primo started us off with a sashimi platter ($28), which we murdered in no time. Ryan and I ordered dinners. Nort and Primo stuck to sushi. I had something with smoked eel over rice, and then later had some more smoked eel sushi. Last night I had discovered that some people that inhabit the vampire forums I frequent would be meeting today in the Easton Barnes & Noble around 3 or 4, so I told Ryan I wanted to swing through there and look for any vampire/pagan/New Age looking people. Well it’s a Barnes & Noble, so it’s sort of a hard pick. Zero credibility to a “vampire” who is meeting at Easton (the trendiest consumer center in Columbus right now) and in full daylight, I’d wait until at least dusk for proper vampire atmosphere. I saw two females that I decided if it was any of the people in the Starbucks in there, it was them. Probably no one showed, I’ll look on the forum later to see if anyone turned up.

Ryan went to the Cheesecake Factory to get some to go, I went to the bathroom in there and some little butterball of a boy had to explain to me how the sinks worked. I hope that kid enjoys his innocence before someone ruins it. Or the world in general does. Of all the people I ran across today that I was a stranger too, he was the only one who didn’t act at least a little nervous. Let me explain the sink to you, just so you don’t think me completely incompetent. All other motion activated sinks I’ve ever seen or used in my life have the sensor right under the faucet. If you ever find yourself in the bathroom in the Cheesecake Factory in Easton Towncenter, the motion sensor is housed in a little metallic disc on the top of the counter. And after activating it, it gives you about two seconds of bitter cold water.

On the way home, we spent the hour drive mostly discussing the guerilla campaign we’d wage against the warlike monkey tribes that would infest our underground decommissioned Titan class ICBM missile silo. And, of course, the reality TV show that FOX would make that into.

Now I have to get motivated to go back out to church.