This morning I checked my Yahoo e-mail account, which isn’t something I do with any degree of frequency anymore… But someone yesterday named “Todd Johnson” sent me his testimony on how through the power of the Lord he overcame his downward spiral into sinful homosexuality. I don’t know who Todd Johnson is. I’m glad things are working out for him, but who is this guy and why is he sending this to me?

Yesterday at work we had two FNGs, a good looking server, and a not so good looking cook. The cook came in in the morning and me and Ryan are uneasy about this one. He feels like a BSer, and they’ve proved to be 1) annoying and 2) unreliable. He talks a lot too. In the mornings Ryan and I do enjoy the first hour to be fairly silent after the initial “hey how are you doing”s, Josh likes to talk through that. The server came in at night. She’s pretty good looking, so far not too loud. I asked Stanley how old he thought she was, he said twenty two or twenty three. I think Ryan agreed with Stanley. I said they were wrong she had to be atleast twenty six and more likely twenty eight. The restaurant walls whispered to me that she was twenty nine and not too far from thirty. Who called it? ;)

Today I think will be just a slow day of me staring at Tom until Vince sends me home because there isn’t anything to do. Well maybe tonight will have some business, but the lunch shift is usually weak on Tuesdays anymore.