Most of the rest of the day after lunch was Katie Time. I went to pick her up around threeish, if I remember right. I took the dog for some reason. He seemed happy to get out of the house. Katie brought along Anchorman for us to watch, but today was a good day. I wanted to spend some time out in the good weather before it got late and cold. It’s not everyday that you get a warm day of 55F. So Katie and I wandered around Zanesville High School’s grounds. The construction of the new high school had obliterated a lot of the places in that area I like to walk. The soccer field is just a big muddy square with no hint that ever any sport played there. We sat on the bleachers overlooking the football field and wandered around a bit more than came back here.

We watched most of Anchorman and than it was time to get ready to go to church. New Hope’s service tonight was sort of a drag. I couldn’t really put my finger on it, but something of it just didn’t … do anything for me. The singing was good, the praying was good, maybe it was the message. I spent a lot of my free time thinking about other things, which isn’t in and of itself a bad thing. In church when my mind wanders, it’s towards fairly constructive and positive things. I thought about what I’d preach if I was up there. I had a little fantasy about the pastor pointing to me and telling me to come up to talk and I did and I said things and people seemed to like it. I also spent some time thinking about the Butterfinger that Katie gave me well over a month ago that I found in my jacket pocket and ate just before the service. After the service I told Revvy that I’d meet him at Bee Dubs tomorrow at 3. That seemed to make him happy.

Katie wasn’t in a sociable mood, so I didn’t hunt up the New Hope Gang to find a place to eat after the service. We went to Ruby Tuesdays and ate steak. Here is the thing that I have a mild dislike for, a very minor annoyance… At Ruby Tuesdays, they provide a hobby kit worth of menus to use in making your selection. There are, if I remember right, three different menus to look at. The standard menu, the featured items menu, and the nutrition menu (which annoyingly includes old items that are no longer available and doesn’t include new items), and with only two people eating, that’s six different menus on the table in front of you. I managed to leave my debit card in the restaurant and some nice girl ran it out to me shouting “Wait!”, after me. Someone, no doubt kitchen, congratulated her on a job well done over the building’ PA system.

I dropped Katie off at her dad’s house.

I watched her stand in the door of the apartment from my truck. I don’t know why she stood there or why she was waiting, but I teared up a bit. I couldn’t even tell you if I was happy or sad.