Monday was a long time ago… It was a day off from the day job, so most of it was spent with Katie. I slept in, which was very nice. Katie called me later than she said she would, no real biggy, no time sensitive plans. I brought her back over here and I cooked some rice and hoisin sauce, spiced up how I deemed it to be, and it was good. Around three we went to BW3s, I told Revvy to meet me there at 3. He wasn’t there when we got there and we got there a little late. I went ahead and ordered and we ate most of the food before I saw Revvy standing outside by the window, I went out, brought him in, got him situated at the table and had him order some food. He had cheese sticks, and I had him eat some teriyaki wings, which he said he liked, but he seemed unsure about them. The back half of the time at BW3s was spent reading the sub titles on one of the TVs as we watched Oprah. The episode was about “restorative justice”, which is about bringing violent crime offenders and their victims together for some supposed “healing” to take place. The three stories the episode showcased seemed to be pretty positive, but I can certainly imagine some situations where it wouldn’t be so positive. At the end of the first one I said “That’s a really great story,” and Katie asked me if I was being sarcastic. I said I wasn’t, but after I thought about it, maybe I was… Than I felt a little awkward with myself that I couldn’t figure out if I was being sarcastic or not.

After BW3s we came back here and I set Katie in my room to do her pilates and I read some of the Hagakure. I got my shipment of books from Amazon finally. After that, we ordered some Adornetto’s pizza. Katie and mine was garlic, spinach, tomatoes, and double anchovies. Either I should have gone for just single anchovies or maybe I should have told them to rinse off those little suckers first, but that pizza was so very salty. It was better on Tuesday reheated.

After dinner I had Katie help me move my couch up to the computer and we watched Signs in the dark. She jumped a couple times, the guy in me enjoyed being there for that. I don’t know what the appeal of that is. I’ll think about it later, if you didn’t notice it’s almost three in the morning as I write this.

Tuesday morning I went over to Katie’s dad’s apartment for “breakfast”, but we didn’t eat anything, Katie didn’t seem to look or feel motivated to move. Well here is something else, I call her up before I leave, and she tells me that she’s still tired, so I tell her to unlock the front door and go back to sleep. So I go over there and waltz in the front door like I own the place, pop the leftover pizza into the fridge, turn the corner and run into her dad who looks freaked out and tells me I scared him. I told him I thought Katie would have told him I was coming over. Turns out she didn’t. Later she insisted that she did, but she was still sleepy than. Maybe she did, and he didn’t hear or remember, or maybe she didn’t, either way I’m just happy I didn’t get shot.

Morning shift was boring.

In between shifts, I went up to eat some of that pizza with Katie, but I had been eating all morning, so I didn’t actually eat any of it. I took her to Bootleg Tattoo to get mine touched up. Once inside the shop, we wandered around most of the building and couldn’t find anyone at all. The place seemed to be a ghost town. After several fake coughing fits in the attempt that someone hiding in the building would get the hint and the purchase of a Sprite from the vending machine, I wandered pretty far back into the “Employee’s Only” section and found a guy playing Solitaire on the computer. Turned out he was the owner, and told me he had a few minutes to touch me up. Great.

He told me to wait while he cleaned up his booth. We did. Here is the thing about tattoo parlor booths, they’re never clean. Anyone who wants to get a tattoo but insists that it’s done under 100%, hospital grade, sterile sanitation conditions is probably going to be totally SOL. It’s par for the course that the booth is gritty and/or grimy. This one was just gritty. I’d been wandering around for awhile without a shirt, but I laid down on that bench, which was cold, but a guy about to get tattooed can’t really complain about the discomfort of a cold bench. Katie sat in a chair that looked uncomfortable near my feet. I had really been looking forward to getting this thing touched up. When I had it done, which took nearly two hours from start to completion, that was my moment of Zen. Probably the best hour and a half of my life ever, or at least it’s high on the list. This time, once the needle touched my back, I instantly decided that last time was good because I was fairly well drunk up when it happened. This was such a bad realization because I immediately felt ripped off and totally jipped. Pain was my only thoughts, not the feeling of pleasant nothingness that accompanied my last visit to Bootleg. This visit took about twenty minutes, the first half of it I thought to myself that maybe I should have got a few beers in me before I went in (which would have been a incredibly bad idea for me) or talked to someone about getting some painkillers (also a bad idea, but ultimately not likely to be as bad.), but I’m glad I didn’t. The second half of the visit was my Zen. Once the needle started hammering black ink into the flesh above my vertebrae and my body was wracked with some of the worst pain that can be paid for with Visa, my body decided now was the time to start dumping endorphins into my blood. Stupid body, can’t even get on the ball anymore. Let me tell you what endorphins do. Ever seen a lioness take down a gazelle on the Discovery channel? Take a good look at that poor horned smorgasbord, looks calm, doesn’t he? That’s endorphins preparing him for death. Well my body decided that death was imminent, since pain this bad must be a prelude to Eternity, and started pumping them out of my pituitary gland into my blood. Endorphins are similar to morphine in what they do. Later in the day I think people really hated to work with me, since I was feeling pretty retarded.

I’m pretty glad that I didn’t have anything in my blood before I went in, no alcohol, not drugs, nothing. I can’t go through any more life hiding from it. The good and the bad. Especially the bad that I pay for. I have to say that all said and done, this tattoo experience was better than the first one because I could experience it to the fullness. I did have my moment of doubt, but I didn’t falter. Tuesday’s dinner shift was boring.

I took Katie to Steak’N’Shake. I hope I don’t see that place for like a month. I’ve been there way too many times, and I think I don’t really like the environment anymore. I took her back to my house so she could take some books and a couple DVDs back to Cincinnati with her.

What’s today… Wednesday already? The lunch shift was largely uneventful. Ryan seemed down, so I asked him about it. He told me he had a lot on his mind. Can’t blame the guy, he’s had a rough week. I think he wanted left alone, so I stopped talking to him so much. He sent me off the clock an hour early, so I came home, straightened up the room a little bit, ironed some clothes and called Katie. She seemed a bit annoyed that I was dressing up. She didn’t say anything, but she got a bit of a tone. I think she thinks I’m dressing up for a girl, which isn’t true. Not a specific person, but yeah I guess I am dressing up for others. I like to dress up, and I like other people to enjoy how I look. I’m getting better at ironing, I think too. At Freedom Place, I think I saw what was almost the first fight I’ve ever seen there take place. It was close, you could feel it. I don’t know the full story about the background of what led up to it, so and so was calling so and so names, and that guy was allegedly spreading rumors about someone else. I miss the politics of high school. I was a third party observer while I was in high school, never got caught in the middle, but I wish I had. The complexities of high school were life and death than, now they seem meaningless. How nice would it be that your day’s biggest problem was some other kid talking smack about you? So what. Now I’ve got to worries that come with dollar figures.

I called Katie afterwards and she seemed surprised and happy that I called her. It was short, I needed a nap, I was tired. I decided to get on Warcraft and tell Jason that I wasn’t going to visit him because I was taking a nap, and a guy that I know that had been gone from Warcraft for two months was on so we had to catch up, so that delayed my nap. I kept hitting the snooze button and was late for church by fifteen minutes after the nap, but it was a good nap. The video tonight was about serial killers and how they effect or are effected by rock and roll music. I enjoyed it. The Gang went to Tee Jays afterwards, it has a more friendly environment. I talked to Brittney about things in our pasts, which was enjoyable. We talked in private for awhile… and of course when I say “private” this is like, we’re sitting on our own side of one of the booths and no one is paying attention to us, but there is someone sitting about two feet away from me. It’s cool to hear someone else tell me about things that they’ve gone through that are similar to what I’ve got behind me. I found myself a bit envious about Nate… Nate is her fiance, he seemed completely unconcerned that his girl is spending quiet time with a guy who is… well a stranger still… I’m not like that and I think I’d like to be. It’s not as easy as just saying and doing, of course. Should I be Nate, and Brittney my fiance, I’d be nosing it and abandoning whoever it is I was talking to and seeing what’s going on. I used to be like Nate. Maybe this year’s poison will run it’s course and I can be at ease again. It got late, people left, Nate and I stayed and talked. I’ve got some trouble right now trying to remember what we were talking about. Jesus stuff, of course. I’m going to bed.