After work, I came home and waited for Ryan… It snowed, so I stood out in front of my house with headphones on and sunglasses on (10:30pm give or take). Some drunk punks in, I think, a Mustang kept driving by me and shouting at me. I’m not really sure what they were shouting, my headphones drowned them out, but I think it wasn’t words of encouragement. Those guys are pretty fortunate that they were cowards and would only yell and speed off. If they would have stopped… Well, I was in the mood. Probably would have dragged one out of the open passenger window and broke his arm at the elbow.

So, Ryan got there after I think pass #3 of the drunk kids, and we went to White Castle. I got 4 jalapeno doubles, which I’m smelling this morning, if you know what I mean. We brought them back here and watched Resident Evil: Apocalypse, which had some cool action but a plot so weak that it’d lose an arm wrestling contest with an infant. A wimpy infant. He left, I nested in my bed and read random things out of the library of books I got from Amazon. Weird U.S. was the big one I read last night, and it had the Unsolved Mysteries Effect on me, which consists of me getting a little freaked out because I read or watched something spooky late at night.

This morning, I just played Warcraft. I think I’m going to wander the house and bother my parents for about a half hour before work than get Taco Bell.