Saturday I went to work. It dragged and dragged and dragged. Around nine-ish I asked Ryan to cut me loose and I drove to Cincinnati. I’m an idiot. Well I’ve done the drive significantly later than nine, but still… I stopped once for gas. I had Katie put me to bed pretty much as soon as I got there. This was the first, of what is now four nights, that I’ve slept rather poorly.

In the “morning”, we got up earlier than usual, somewhere around tenish I think. She wanted to make the 11:30 Vineyard service, so she got ready and I laid around. I had thought we’d made it to the Vineyard late, but there were still lots of people coming in from the parking lot when we got there. Well, we were late, and so were they. This service included a explanation by a Completed Jew of the technicalities of the Passover meal. Katie was bored and I was, admittedly, disinterested. No singing or teaching (in the sense that we like it) or praying, so I told her we’d just go to lunch. We went to an Indian buffet, which was good. Reasonably priced too. After lunch we went to Newport’s mall to buy some jeans for me. Hail Mary full of Grace have mercy on this poor sinner who shopped at American Eagle.

Barnes and Noble was great. I like being in there. It’s like a modern library. It’s like a library because it’s got tons of books, it’s modern because you have to pay for them. Gone are the socialist ideals of the public library and here are their capitalist replacements! I bought four books. I can only really remember what one of them was… C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity. We drove home to her place.

Here, Sunday evening, gets kind of hazy. I’m not really sure if we, or I, took a nap, but I know there was a passage of time, and I don’t remember what it was… I think it was a nap. After that, we went to White Castle. In the drive through, Katie asked me to ask the window lady for mayonnaise. I told her that now the window lady was going to think we’re really white. (Every White Castle I’ve ever been to except the one here in Zanesville has been staffed by a majority of black people, and I could tell the one that I talked to on the drive through speaker was.) Katie asked me what I meant.

“Black people don’t eat mayonnaise,” I said.
“They don’t?” she asked.
“No it’s gross, but I’ll ask for it anyway.” to Katie.
“Could I have some mayonnaise, please?” to window lady.
“We ain’t got any mayonnaise,” said window lady.

I’ve got a feeling that the employees or, perhaps, customers had petitioned the management of that White Castle to do away with that sauce. We ate the White Castle while watching Law & Order, I don’t know which one. Apparently there are like four different Law & Orders. I found it entertaining, but I couldn’t tell you now what the show was about. I think that was pretty much the end of Sunday night.

During the night I got up at least three times and once early. The first time I woke up from a bizarre dream that caused me to search her room for something, and I don’t even know what it is I was looking for, and I can’t remember the dream now, but I spent a long time looking under the desk and bed, and on the dresser and top of the desk for whatever it is. I think I knew I’d know what it is once I found it. I gave up and went back to sleep, just to toss for a long time only to wake up again two more times during the night. In the morning I woke up around seven and got up and sat in the living room and tried to pray, but I kept falling asleep, so I went back to bed, and couldn’t get to sleep. sigh I woke up before Katie did. I had managed to get a little bit of sleep and during that I had a dream where I was listening to music with the Dali Lama, the song I remember the most was Oasis’s Wonderwall and than after that I found my uncle Steve (yes I have an uncle with the same name as me) who was opening a window in the living room and let in a swarm of bees that stung me very badly on the back as I lay face down in the carpet trying to hide my face and front of my body from them. They stung Ray and baby Micah too, who we had to take to the hospital, but fortunately the Lama made it out before the bees got to him. I knew Katie was about to wake up (this is another weird piece of that Other Thing) so I waited. This wasn’t the first time by any means that I’ve woke up just before her, and she’s woke up to find me smiling at her. Ha, true though there have been times where one of us is dead asleep for an hour after the other person wakes up. I told her about my dream. She didn’t tell me about hers, but she asked if Grace called me and wanted to play bingo every week, would I go? I don’t think I gave a serious answer on that one. She asked me if Grace called me up today and wanted to get back together, would I? I told her no. I wonder if Katie has thought of Grace as a viable threat to our relationship for all this time… Can’t blame her for feeling that way, but after mmm … five months? I think I put the last nails in that coffin though.

I took her to eat at a sushi All You Can Eat Lunch Special in this place near the Vineyard we’ve been too before. The food was good. Ultimately, I don’t think we really saved a bunch of cash in the All You Can Eat deal. I didn’t really tally up the final total of what it would have been without the AYCE deal, but I think I might have saved two dollars on the first round of sushi, and the second round I didn’t need. We got into a bit of a fight during the meal. It was over a misunderstanding, as most of the smaller fights between couples usually are, at least in my opinion. We went to Target to buy some pants for her for a interview on Wednesday than went back to the house, and straightened out the misunderstanding. I took a nap, she watched Law &Order.Apparently that show is now on 24/7, as long as you have enough channels.

I pretended to be sleeping when she came in and she touched my head and whispered to me. I left for home around nine. I stopped for gas and White Castle.

We talked about things. It was a good weekend. A progressive weekend, I hope.