Where did I leave off before I was interrupted by work… The New Hope service Wednesday night was the second to last hour of the “They Sold Their Souls for Rock and Roll” series. The first two nights I was there I enjoyed almost every moment of it, but the last couple seem hokey or just down right boring. The segment on serial killers was good, but didn’t really show me anything I didn’t already know about them. Wednesday night’s had a lot of focus on the Mark of the Beast and how some musicians wore “666” on their clothes in some obscure picture or it turned up in their lyrics. Pretty obvious, pretty straight forward. Than the documentary started saying that UPC codes held elements of “666”, which I knew that argument, but than they said that this wasn’t a reason to throw out all the items in your house with a UPC bar code. Why not? If it’s the Mark of the Beast, than why not throw it out? Seems to me to be a pretty logical thing to do. Maybe it’s only a problem to some people if it’s etched in their hand or head. The only part of that hour that actually had me roll my eyes was when the documentary people likened the number six to the Hebrew letter that corresponds to the English letter “w” and than insinuated that the World Wide Web was the Mark of the Beast and than left it at that, moving on to other targets. Now reader, I think this is the second time in this log that I’ve been critical of this documentary. Do I like it or not? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? I missed the first half of the documentary, so I suppose it would be unfair to judge it in it’s entirety. Is it good or bad? It’s good in the sense that, at least at New Hope, it’s helping people do a little Spring cleaning, both physically and spiritually. The CDs and tapes and miscellaneous that’s turning up in New Hope’s junk pile as a result of this is likely doing a lot of people a lot of good. Where is it bad? Tossing the Detroit Rock City soundtrack or the t-shirt you paid forty dollars for at a concert away isn’t going to put you on the straight and narrow. Is it a start? Maybe. The truth is, what caused a person to deviate from the straight and narrow was that person. Let me head in a different direction with this for a moment. One of the quotes was a favorite Marilyn Manson quote of mine two nights ago: [on the topic of listeners killing themselves] If someone kills themselves because of our music than that’s one less stupid person listening to our music.” (a bit of a paraphrase, but this early in the morning I don’t care to look it up to be exact) Manson is right. Big time. If music makes you get up out of your soul and lose control, that’s because you weren’t keeping a very tight leash on yourself to start with. Getting rid of that music won’t fix anything. You’ll just have a bunch of kids who are just as lost who don’t have any shepherd now, even though the first one, admittedly, wasn’t that good at it’s job.

If I had Christian music and Christian music only to listen to, I’d probably hate it. I’ll tell you why. It’s two reasons. The first is pretty simple. There are somewhere in the neighborhood of two Christian bands I’ve listened to that did it for me. I don’t want a CD of Methodist hymns or straight up praise music. That might come off as blasphemous, but it’s true. I want music that speaks of my world. Being happy and joyous in the presence of God is a good thing, but let’s face it, misery is something that happens with or without God. It’s part of this reality. The second reason is that simply because a non-believer makes music doesn’t immediately chalk it up to being anti-God/faith/church/family/Jesus/Sunday school/etc.

There are lots of stupid people who listen to music, who don’t have the same degree of understanding as me on this topic. I know there are lots and lots of people who lose themselves in it and let their brains have the lyrical water wash their brains until it’s waterlogged. People filmed at the AC/DC concerts singing along with “Highway to Hell” or “Hell’s Bells” and you can see on their faces that there is a good chance they think that there will be a “rockin’ band” there. Well, that’s just not true. It’s called Hell for a reason.

That rant is over for now. After the service I went to Tee Jays with some people. There were some people there that I didn’t know. Apparently, there were a lot of New Hope kids that went away to college in Athens and now it’s Spring Break and they came home. I met them, they seemed ok. I liked Mitch… One of the Abbys’s ex’s so I gather… He said “I’m Mitchel” I shook his hand, told him my name, and asked him if he wanted to drink some syrup. He declined. Lauren Cheney was there too. One of my sister’s good buds growing up. I hadn’t seen her for a few years. I’m surprised that she recognized me. Most people don’t anymore.

I got home a few minutes after midnight, which I felt a bit bad because I told Katie I wouldn’t be out past midnight and I’d call her as soon as I got home. But it got worse. Dad had announced, before I left that night, that the garage door would be locked as soon as the sun went down. Since I didn’t have a key, that’s they way I’d get into the house, so they didn’t have to leave the front door open. He gave me a key though. So I get home having to 1) call Katie and, at the moment much more importantly 2) had to go to the bathroom. They key didn’t work. It slid in, but wouldn’t turn. I nearly gave up, but than it turned… The wrong way. Trying to turn it back the proper direction only got me back to the original, useless position. Now that I knew that the key actually operated with the pins I knew there was no valid reason to ring the bell and get a parent up, because the key worked, just not very well. Eventually, I opened the door, got in, called Katie, asked to call her back, and did my business. She didn’t sound too happy about me being late, but we talked a bit and things were happy.

Thursday morning was: eh. Patty was annoying a few times, and that’s about it. On the break I called Katie and that’s about it. During the night shift there were a few funny conversations, but ultimately nothing worth mentioning. I came home about a half hour earlier than usual, left a goodnight voice mail for Katie and settled in on my couch to read for an hour or two. Than I went to bed. I slept rather well. Very well compared to recent nights. I think I only woke up once.

I got up an hour early this morning, checked my mail and responded to the two pieces that weren’t spam and than just laid in my bed for a half hour. I got up. Did a handful of exercises and sat down here to type.

I’m bored with this. I want more sleep. It’s Friday. I think that maybe me and Ryan will get some food on our break, but he seemed kind of out of it last night, maybe he’ll want to go home and get some sleep. If that’s the case I’ll probably do the same.