Niece #2 was born last night. The name that Courtney had picked out for her was a big secret for the duration of gestation. Last night after work I called Katie and she told me she had a name that she liked “Ellie”. The baby was born, and this morning my dad tells me that the name of the girl is “Ella”. Weird, huh?

I think only two things of interest happened yesterday, both between shifts. The first thing is that Ryan and I went to Unpronounceable Mexican Restaurant and sat in a booth right next to a couple culinary arts kids who both work at Muddy Misers on the river. Ryan knew one of them. I knew the other, but not real well. As we sat there eating and listening to their lame conversations, Ryan loudly said “Everyone who takes culinary arts at Zane State are P!@$IES!”, I played right in with “Big time P!@@IES! They all suck! All of ‘em!” The other booth just fell silent. After a suitable time of awkwardness for them had passed, Ryan said “Turn around, Jim.” and they had a happy little conversation. Later I asked Ryan what he thought they were thinking, he said “Probably ‘We’re going to get beat up’,” That made me feel good.

I also went to Shot Shot’s new home off of Pine St. and got the grand tour (which can take about two and a half minutes) from Brittney. Hillary showed up a little bit after I did and than I went to work.

Now I’m hitting the shower and going to Columbus to see Ella.