This morning I put in new contacts. That’s a good good thing. My eyes feel so much more comfortable. I read some of Waiting Period and skimmed don’t waste your life. Than I watched some of Silence of the Lambs. Dad’s sick today, has a fever, so I went to teach his adult Sunday school class for him. I showed up about ten to fifteen minutes before the start of the class, so I could read through my dad’s notes and his handout. Mom was there, she was in the early service, but was leaving, she said she was going to Wal-Mart. I asked her to get me some things, and than sat down to read the notes and handout and wait for the students.

The lesson went well. I dominated the speaking, which I didn’t really like, but when your in a group with not many people who are comfortable putting forth their ideas the facilitator does have to make up for it. I decided not to stick around for the second service, so I could get on my way to Cincinnati. On the way out of the parking lot I saw a dog with a invisible fence collar running along the road. I stopped to pick him up, but he ran into the Rolling Plains parking lot, and I went back through to look for him. I ran across Katie’s mom. She got into the passenger seat of my car and I drove her to do the door of the church and talked to her about the morning’s class and the new niece and the trip ahead.

At home, I read Poe’s The Conqueror Worm to Ray and than ate some fajitas with the parents. Now… I find a change of clothes, make a call, and start driving.