Morning shift and most of dinner shift didn’t really hold any particularly tasty memories, except I might be instrumental in the undoing of Lightning’s tenure at the restaurant, but more on that in days to come… The real fun was the lunch break. Ryan, Katie, and me went to HH Greg to turn of TVs, which was pretty darn fun, and I think that the people that work there knew what was up. They looked at me a lot more. Katie seemed straight up freaked out, like the first time I was when I was running lookout on a shoplifting run back in middle school. Reader, I’m not a legal master, but I do know this: turning off a TV is not a crime.

After that, we went to the Bamboo Garden, which is now open, giving Zanesville a fourth Chinese buffet and a sixth Chinese restaurant. Seventh if Panda Express is still in the food court, but I don’t remember if it is or not. Here is a conversation from lunch:

Me: [returning to the table with a swirled ice cream cone with sprinkles and “caramel”]
Ryan: Is that hot mustard?
Me: No. [takes a bite of ice cream] Yes.
Ryan & Katie: [laughing at me]
Me: They really shouldn’t put that squeeze bottle next to the ice cream. I thought it was hot fudge and it was brown so I thought it was caramel.
Katie: Why are you still eating it?
Me: [shrug]

After that, I took Katie to K-Mart to find a white shirt for work later. During the course of that trip I said something that she found offensive, but wouldn’t know what it was until later in my day, but I did perceive something was wrong, and in the truck asked her if she was OK, she said yes, I knew she wasn’t. Things later worked out. I bumped into a old friend at the beginning of the dinner shift and that was helpful. I had changed the fryer oil and was taking out the whole lot of it by myself, which is discouraged, since it’s very heavy and likely the largest pain in the butt that the kitchen can endure should it be dumped out on the floor or ground. I had successfully moved the oil to the grease bin and emptied the container into it when I saw BD. I hadn’t seen her for a long time. Maybe a year. Funny bumping into her by the grease bin. She came up to me and looked happy.

Me: You smell like smoke.
She let me know she was just happy to be out of the house.
Me: I know what you mean.
She sat on the ground next to the grease bin, I squatted down next to her. She wanted to know what was on my mind.
Me: Same old worries.

She reminded me that I always knew what to do, I just had to remember to do it.

Me: Ha, yeah. I can’t stay much longer, I’ve got to get back in to work soon.She didn’t seem to mind. She didn’t ask me how I’d been, and I didn’t ask her. Those short meetings of old friends are like that sometimes, right to what’s important now. I stood up and started walking towards the door back inside. She followed me a few steps.
Me: Nose to the wind.

And she was gone.

Later in the night I brought Katie back here and we watched Hannibal, the weakest of the Hannibal Lector movies. I fell asleep near the end. I hope I didn’t wake my parents when we left at about threeish when I took her home. She told me to e-mail her when I got home, which I did, over a half hour ago. I wonder if she just went to bed and didn’t check her mail, no word back yet. Hrm. Well I’ll make this post and turn in.