It’s about ten o’clock… I’m sitting on my porch in the dark, with a glass of iced mango and orange juice. A breeze from, it feels like, the west brings warm air to me. Jacket weather to be sure, but compared to the long winter, it’s warm. Fifty degrees, if memory serves me right. I can hear the hum of the interstate from the west and the hum of Maple to the east. A different sort of hum comes from the street light and perhaps a porch light or two, if so, they are far too faint to distinguish from which porch they come. Today had a lazy morning. I spent most of it reading, but I visited with my parents a bit and tried to recombobulate my room. When Katie visits it seems to really get disorganized. It’s not her fault, at least in no direct way… It just seems to work out that way.

I visited her at her mom’s house before work. I couldn’t shake the feeling that she was annoyed that I was there, at least at first, and than that feeling passed. I was only there for a half hour, maybe forty five minutes, than on to work. After being at work for awhile Katie came around and attempted three times to view what has been referred to as Stevearino’s Cardio Dance Party. She’s been curious about it for weeks, but has never seen it. Truth be told, it’s not been “cardio” for awhile, and not even really “dance” recently, and only once would it qualify the word “party”. Here’s the run down. To get “dance”, I have to really get into the songs, which I just haven.t been doing, lack of energy, or too involved with what I’m getting paid to do at work. To get “cardio”, the first must apply, and I have to have a long run of good songs to get that much energy going and that condition must be coupled with no interference, at all. A long run of good, high energy songs doesn’t get me really going if at any point there are other humans around. I won’t say that it embarrasses me to dance a lot, it just works out that way. Work was a drag, but I made over time. Ryan cut my loose before ten o’clock. I told Katie I would go to Krogers and wait for her at my house. Warm night air welcomed me.

Let me digress for a moment. As I type, a white stretch limo just rolled down the street in front of me, one of only two moving cars I’ve seen since I’ve been sitting here, and it stopped at a place two houses up and across the street. High schoolers no doubt. Adults around here can’t seem to find the justification for spending their hard earned money on a limo ride. The other car I saw was a import car with two guys that seemed to be fairly well boozed up shouting into a PA system installed in the car about someone’s genetalia. I don’t know who it was referring to, but they apparently live in a nearby house.

Where was I? The moon is full tonight. It was full last night too. The full moon has always been tied to the occult and the supernatural world as a whole. Something magical about it. Any cop or ER tech will tell you that they always seem to be more busy and have more interesting jobs during a full moon. I can hear an ambulance speed up Maple as I type this. Not greatly unusual, could be coincidence, but lots of coincidences happen during full moons. I want to do and act and be during a full moon. I want to do and act and be right now. The moon is hovering just in the field of peripheral vision right now. She brings me memories of the wicked things that I did during the full moon, wandering the streets in the enchanted dark only a full moon can bring. I’d like to think that I’m a changed person since than, but do I feel like doing good things now? Nice things? Helpful and positive things? No. No such strong urge to feed the beast that I used to have. A undirected urge to do and act and be have found it’s place now. A wanderlust fills me. I may wander my yard with my juice after I finish typing, closest thing I’m willing to do on a schedule. I have a theory about the moon and its effects on humans. I used to think that it was the pull that the moon had, maybe it still is, but considering that the moon is powerful enough to pull the planets oceans toward it to create the tides, I.d imagine that a similar, subtle effect on us would be in play. The theory I have is more primal. I’ll think about this for awhile and type on it later.