Monday, woke up at around seven thirty… I had to help Adrian move a bed from their house to ours. They needed the room, and we, at the time, needed the bed. A short exchange, he took his bike from the basement. Afterwards, armed with twelve dollars and the desire to impulse spend in the ethnic section at Krogers, I had my lunch. Chow mein vegetables from a can, salmonlux, and that ginger dressing that Ryan likes. Craving fish, but not sure how it’d fit in with the rest, I ate half the package of salmonlux while 1) waiting for the vegetables to microwave and 2) thinking of how to eat the salmonlux. Never reaching conclusion, I just poured the dressing over the vegetables and ate that while watching the Double Secret Probation Edition of Animal House. That movie seemed to be somehow… better… the last time I saw it.

Later, I tried to change the oil in the Corolla. Being proficient at changing the oil on things, as I have the requirements of one hand and an IQ higher than a Persian cat to do so, I thought this would be easy. Alas, it would not be so. Dad had it’s prior oil change done at one of the quick lube joints, and they tightened the nut so much that I couldn’t get it loose, even while bracing my shoulder against the driver side tire and my foot against the wrench on the nut. That’s probably not healthy for the threads. Mission: failed.

Jason called. I told him I’d be down in an hour. In my room, I proof-read a English paper for Katie and sent her some corrections/suggestions/encouragement, and then left for Jason’s on my bike. For the next nine or eleven hours, two things happened: a trip to White Castle (making the third time in as many days) and Resident Evil 4, which I finally beat. Of note, Jason told me his mom asked this of him sometime a week before: “Does Steve have a job? He looks homeless…” The funny part about that is I was thinking the same thing earlier in the day, looking at myself in the mirror in the bathroom.

11:30, I go home. I also realize that the front door is locked, which it should be. This generally isn’t a problem, but another realization comes. I didn’t take my keys because I wasn’t driving. I’m locked out of the house. I spend ten minutes trying all the usual security weak spots on my house. Locked, locked, and glued shut. Unless I want to break something, I’m not getting in. I ring the bell, I wait. I feel bad about waking up my parents. I don’t feel bad about waking my parents, no one answers the door. I go back to Jason’s. I ask him if he’s seen my keys. Nah. E-mail my dad letting him know I’ll be home around fourish, sleep for four hours or so, ride back home half blind because of my dry contacts, tap tap tap on the front door, my dad answers it looking as sleepy and surprised as I do. I explain the situation, as he hasn’t checked his e-mail.

Now I’m going back to bed for three hours.