The Seven Deadly Sins The “Seven Deadly Sins” is a catholic idea, not a protestant idea, which is the group I lump myself into, since if your not a catholic, you default to a protestant. I’ve been thinking about which of the seven deadly sins I’ve got the the most of going on. La Dayna had me take an online test a couple of months back, and it told me that I’m doing pretty good, and couldn’t stick me with any specific one. But what does the Internet know? Firstly, I don’t really think that the “seven deadly sins” are sins at all. Not in a direct way. If I’m feeling lazy and I sit in front of the TV for four hours instead of doing something productive, that’s not a sin, that’s not sloth. Now if I’m spending that time on the couch instead of feeding my family or that four hours turns into ten and ten happens every day and I let my body go, both of those are sloth, and both of those are sins. Overall, the “sins” are more like the basis for definite sins. A little bit of pride can be a good thing, a lot can be horrible. Greed? Is it wrong to store up money? No. Is it wrong to go about getting that money in a wicked way? Sure. Is it wrong to have a lot and never give to those who don’t? Yeah. And so forth.

  • Pride
  • Avarice
  • Envy
  • Wrath
  • Lust
  • Gluttony
  • Sloth

Hrm. Which one am I? Which one dominates over the rest? All of those I can think of instances where I’ve participated this week, to some degree or the next. What about today? I’ve been awake for about three hours… Pride, yes… Sloth, yes… The other five I’ll get done later today, I’m sure.

Pride or envy. I’m not sure which. One of those two. I’m a proud beast, and I’m an envious dog. What makes this mix interesting is what I’m proud of, and what and who I envy, but that’s a secret for me.

Now I go back to getting ready for Nate and Britney’s wedding… Ah a few more words before I go. I’ve always wanted to stand up when the minister says “If any person has any reason that these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace.” and shout something like “I love [name of bride here]! Come run away with me [name of bride here]!” just to see what happens. I think most of the time, it’d be met by laughter, but maybe people would be mad. The most terrifying of things that could happen would be that the bride would agree. “Yes! I’ve loved you too ever since I met you! Let’s go! Oh I love you!” Now, the main reason that I’ve not done this before is because either the bride is ugly/gross/old or related to me or more often, both. Yesterday, I was thinking: “This might be the chance. Most of the people there would know to laugh… She’s not related to me and definitely not ugly/gross/old… And if she thought I was serious, I could wind up with a lot worse of a girl than her…”

But I probably won’t.