I’ll leave this Saturday with a interesting sin and a couple quotes from the kitchen. I mentioned before that my two big ones out of the seven deadly are envy and pride. Today, I caught myself doing one of my more favorite, because of how unusual it is, of sins. Terra was telling me about her problems… I was in Dog mode. Listen, nod, don’t bother her with your problems. Suddenly, that funny little sin kicks in. Maybe it’s not even a sin, it’s hard to tell… I was envious of her of having me act in that Dog capacity. I’ve found myself doing it before. Being envious of someone else having me be there for them. Weird, huh?

Terra: Everything is coming out of the kitchen so beautiful tonight!
Ryan: Yeah, uh huh.
Terra: Everyone is doing such a great job!
Ryan: Uh huh, yeah.
Terra: Your doing such a fantastic job, Ryan!
Ryan: Yeah, ok.
[Note: Ryan was busy and although compliments are good, work comes first.]
Me:[jokingly, fyi] Dammit, Jan!
Jan: Take it easy, Steve.
Me: I’m a cook, not a hippie, dammit!

Good night, reader.