Weird dreams last night… Not bad, but definitely not good. I woke up from one of them around seven, and people around here were still getting ready, and talking right outside my door. Crystal and mom, I think, perception was hazy. I woke up again after eleven. Great, I’m going to feel like my day has been wasted. Ten is the latest I like to get up. I called the shop that I ordered a gun barrel from in Kentucky today. I’d did the online order about a week ago and still hadn’t seen an update on their status page. The obviously Kentuckian that answered the phone told me that he knows they have one and he’ll ship it UPS tonight. Cool. I wish me and him had this conversation about a week ago.

Yesterday, my mom told me about some woman from the church, an elderly woman if that makes any difference, who during the course of the conversation about Crystal’s living situation, knowingly asked my mom if she didn’t have a unmarried son. I laughed and told mom that I’m sure that after Crystal has moved from a troubled living situation and has her life half turned on it’s head that the first thing she wants is some creepy kid hitting on her.

Is Crystal good looking? Yes. Is she nice? Yes. Would she make a good girlfriend? Probably. Are you going to try and date her? No. Why not? Although the future is uncertain and my “no” may eventually change… Everyone else I’ve ever dated (or whatever word applies) I’ve known pretty much as soon as I met (or whatever word applies) them that I wanted to, and with her I don’t have that feeling. I don’t really feel overly motivated to date anyone right now. And, of course, I don’t think she needs to be getting hit on by the creepy kid. ;)

Hrm, I have to remember to talk to Scott about the money today…