Woke up early, as I mentioned in my first post. Rode to work, took the scenic route since I had some time. As I rode up Orchard St., I saw Ryan’s car. This was troubling, since I knew that Ryan didn’t show up at the restaurant at nine in the morning for fun. I went in, asked Ryan if he was working, he laughed and said “Yes,” I asked him how yesterday was, he said “Good,” I said, “I’ll see you later,” and left.

Although getting up early isn’t a bad thing, or showing up to work when your apparently not supposed to isn’t too bad, and even the close to three miles of unnecessary bike riding isn’t bad, I felt a bit annoyed. As soon as I realized I had more time to get back to working on my journal posting script, I felt better. I thought the usual thing was a night shift for a night shift, a morning shift for a morning shift. Next time I’ll ask for specifics.

I hear Crystal moving around, so this is my cue to find her and annoy her until I feel like eating some cereal or nachos.

Oh, by the way, if you use Firefox or any other browser that is RSS enabled, my site now should have a functioning RSS feed. It’ll save you the trouble of coming here and looking for updates that arn’t there.