The kind folks at Mozillazine helped me out with my RSS problem, which was a retarded issue of newlines. But it’s fixed.

While I was waiting for a reply from either them or the people at my hosting company, I went to the kitchen to make some ramen. The water took too long to boil, so I made some nachos. I ate the nacho while the water boiled, and than I realized that I had mistakenly used the good “Grade A” sour cream. Turns out we didn’t have any “Grade B” anyhow. Then I thought about it and realized I’ve never ever seen anything other than “Grade A”. I called the Yoder’s people, but I got a machine. So no answers there. Now I’ve just submitted this letter to Chef Solutions, who now own Yoders, according to I&K Distributions:

I&K Distributing pointed me to your site while I was looking for information stemming from a question I have about a Yoder’s product. As I was making some nachos for breakfast this morning, I realized that I had purchased “Grade A” sour cream. What happens to “Grade B” sour cream? I’ve never seen it before, and what are the differences, if any?

I hope they reply soon.