Today, I spent some time trying not to be bitter or angry. I’m really trying to make an attempt to fill my life with positivity. I rode my bike home from work really hard, I feel to tired to be angry or mean or anything like that, so in that regards it’s good. My legs burn, my lungs burn, my arms burn. Tomorrow I’ll be extra miserable. I don’t want to type about negativity tonight, so I’ll tell a happy story. One of my favorite Katie stories. Let’s get this done.

Summer time was a good time for me, confusing and painful at times, but that’s not so different from before or after last summer, but it definitely held more good things per day than now. I took Katie to Loudenville (I think) to go canoeing. I can’t remember what our relationship “status” was at the time. The air was warm, the Mohican “River” was quiet and cool. We had arrived pretty late in the day and nearly didn’t get a chance to canoe. Most of the trip down the river my mind was spent on two things… First enjoying being with Katie and secondly fighting the urge to tell her just how bad she is at canoeing. At the end of the trip we were a bit tired and a bit more dirty. On impulse I took us to some “castle” way off of the main road that some signs told me where it was. Dinner was “eh”, but fun because of how badly the dirty canoe’ers were treated by the wait staff. I stole an ashtray. During dinner I told Katie, “By the end of tonight, you’ll be in a graveyard,” Katie didn’t think it was funny, and she thought it even less funny when she saw I wasn’t laughing and looked dead serious. I think I might have warmed up the act by holding her hands and telling her that I would tell her her immediate future. “Why would you say something like that?!” she exclaimed. She forgot about it as dinner went on, I’m pretty sure. After we left, crappy ashtray in the bed of my truck, she saw some deer playing in a field and said that they looked like they were having fun. I asked her if she wanted to get out and play like the deer. She said she did. I pulled over immediately. Can I think of any thing I’d trade to keep a hold of the memory of the look on her face when she realized that the hill she was standing at the foot of was littered with old gravestones. Horrified would be my choice word. I don’t remember if I laughed or kept up the serious act. We wandered the hill through the graves… It was that time of day when the sun has gone down, but not all of it’s light knows it yet. Not quite dark, but certainly not light.

That’s one of my favorite Katie memories.