Saturday night at work was rough. It made for a lousy drive to Wherever, OH, where Ryan and me would sleep. Must have been worse for Ryan, since he was the one who was actually driving. After work, I came home and packed up my stuff pretty quick. I was planning on wearing my good blue dress shirt, but forgot it. Luckily, I had packed a not-so-good shirt. On the drive to Columbus, there was a guy who was either drunk or high who was driving a van, and seemed to hover around Ryan’s car for most of the drive in between Zanesville and Columbus, which obviously made us nervous. His speed was inconsistent, he liked to hover next to cars for some reason, would straddle lines, make unsignalled and jerky lane changes, and would stray into the wake up strips on the side of the road. Had I known that he’d be nearby so long I would have 1800GRABDUI’ed him.

Somewhere past Columbus we stopped for food. On the off ramp Ryan asked me if I wanted Wendy’s or White Castle. I told him the proper answer was “Wendy’s”, but I’ll say White Castle. The feeling was mutual. There is no good reason to eat White Castle, particularly just before a day of standing and walking around and overall a physically draining time. White Castle it was. We got our order in right before the bar crowd showed up.

Fortunately, no one was so drunk that they disgusted me.

Later, while checking into the Days Inn, Katie called Ryan’s cell phone and wanted to talk to me. I think it was after midnight. The call interrupted my attempts to loot the cereal dispenser in the lobby area. She told me about her discontentment with life, how she wanted more, how she was disenchanted. She saw the kids around her spending their lives drunk, and it wasn’t for her at all anymore. A better person, a better life grows. We talked and talked. Ryan had pulled the car to the room and gone in without me. Following in the cold on foot, I paced in the parking lot, talking to Katie. The reception inside the room was bad. A week before May and it’s snowing. I’m tired and I’m cold and I do my better thinking and talking under these conditions. She talked about taking things for granted, I talked about not comparing yourself to others. We don’t want more life, we just want the same amount, just a higher quality of it. Something with more meaning. I didn’t sleep that well that night. Usually when I think about Katie and it keeps me up it’s because I can’t shake some negative thought out of my mind, but tonight it was the opposite. I couldn’t shake the focus of the positive. Ryan went directly to sleep after the TV went off. He said something in his sleep, and I wanted to listen to hear if he had anything more to say, but that’s when I fell asleep.

7AM came pretty quick considering we went to sleep around 2AM. I hit the shower first. The tub warned me to “Watch My Step”, I told it that it couldn’t tell me what to do. Hotel tubs always have that game of figuring out what it is that you have to do to convince it to neither freeze or scald you. This one was a scalder. During the whole shower I couldn’t find anything better than “slightly cooler than warm”. Ryan was scalded too, and I heard him crash around a bit, so I think he might have been resentful of the tub’s warning too. I don’t think that we had any breakfast (or lunch later in the day for that matter), but we arrived in Indianapolis a lot earlier than we had thought, because of time zones. So we had an extra hour, that was cool, except at the convention center we found out that staff wasn’t letting the general attendees in until nine-ish. We found the end of the line to get in, and shortly after finding it, some girl told us that we didn’t have tickets, so we were wasting our time, I told her she’s my favorite person. That was a total lie, but it made her day better, and I think she knew it was a lie anyway. Then we found a different line, which was a bit shorter, but determined that it wasn’t the ticket line either. Other people around us were also bewildered, so I took the lead of the impromptu group and led us to the front of Line #2 and Ryan asked a person in uniform (a non-stormtrooper, unfortunately) and the ticket line is a secret line that happens on the far side of Line #2 and goes into separate doors. It was easy to find once you knew where it was. Line #2 is where we had to be after we had our passes. Three interesting things that happened in line. #1, we made line buddies with this guy from Chicago who was a total fan boy and probably afraid of girls. He was incredibly interested in the bag full of catalogs trying to sell me expensive Star Wars merchandise. I can’t remember what he was referring to, but he said that it was a “good price” and I thought “I hope no one ever pays that much money for that.” Ryan talked to him more than me. #2, there was a group of pudgy kids in line behind us that Ryan talked to briefly about Star Wars fan films. White Castle brewed up in me and I gassed those kids wicked bad and they started blaming each other. Foolish children, no one their age can produce such rancid and malodorous stenches. It was hilarious for me and Ryan. #3, some woman who had shaved her head down and painted herself up like a modified version of Aurra Sing (I think) walked by, and it was the hottest thing I’d seen all day (at 8:30am) and would continue to be all day. Now let’s get something straight. Just because this female was super attractive to me, doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t keep her at arm’s length, should I ever meet this person. There is something intrinsically wrong with any woman who would shave her head, paint most of her body, and walk around wearing something that would qualify her as “partially dressed” in public, during 36F weather. Hot to look at, unquestionably, but that’s where that’d end. Which brings me to another point: me and Ryan talk about Star Wars quite a bit, but we’re not dorks. Not after what we saw this weekend. We’re mere fans of the series, we’re not straight up dorks. These people are.

Most of the stuff that happened inside the convention can be described with both pictures and their stupid subtitles with my gallery.

After the show, Ryan and me drove out of the city a ways and ate at a Joe’s Crab Shack. I think I amped myself up for that a bit more than I should have, because it was disappointing. I had a crab cake sandwich. Nothing on the menu really caught my eye, so I settled for that, I’ve had them before and they’re good. But Joe’s crab cakes are different from Maria’s and in my opinion, not as good. It was good to have food in me though. Ryan and I managed to go the whole day without buying any convention food, which is overpriced and questionable in quality at best.

Ryan filled up at a 7-Eleven and I bought a Slurpee, which was my first in years. I got the Spongebob flavor, which was pineapple mixed with something. It wasn’t that great.

I’m thinking of shaving my head down, so I called Hillary and asked her if she wanted to use my current hair as a Guinea pig, and she said yes, but not until Wednesday, so I’ll do something crazy with it and probably take pictures. Now I’m going to hit the shower, and go to Jason’s.