On the way home from Indianapolis Sunday, Ryan and I saw a semi trailer laying on it’s side in the grass just off the east bound lane of I70. Today, I found out that a few hours earlier, Crystal was on the way back from a Christian concert festival, and the car she was riding in either started to hydroplane or hit some black ice. As it spun, it was struck by a semi, which rolled on it’s side and pushed the car roughly a hundred feet before coming to rest. Small world, huh? No one was injured.

Most of today was spent with Jason. I played a lot of Resident Evil 4. I took my computer down there to play SWAT 4, but the load times between maps just kills the mood. We went to W.G. Grinders for lunch. I had a crab cake sub thing. They use the same crab meat as Maria’s, but it sucked too. I’m zero for two in the crab cake related sandwiches department this week. W.G. Grinders now has free wireless internet too. For some reason I could check my mail, but not send it. My Clie is a bit fickle about when and where it wants to work with WiFi.

Now I’m very tired, my mail isn’t working on my Clie here at home, and I don’t feel like hooking up my computer to pull it before bed. So, if you mailed me anything urgent today, sorry. I’ll read it in the morning.