This morning a strange sort of beep or ring woke me up. I had no idea what it was, so I went back to sleep. Fifteen minutes before I had to be at work I figured out that it was my alarm, which I had mistakenly set to a different ring. Needless to say I was rushed to get ready and get out of the house. Also needless to say I was late to work, five minutes later. Which isn’t that bad considering I biked to work. Tom wasn’t there, which I thought was weird. He showed up about fifteen minutes later with his shirt half on and his shoes untied. Looks like it’s one of those kinds of morning for everyone.

The lunch shift was fairly straightforward. During my break I went to Jason’s and finished the last “Mercenaries” mission with a five star rating, unlocking the coveted Handcannon weapon in Resident Evil. Rain was falling when I rode back to work. Generally, I don’t mind the rain, but today it annoyed me. Later in the day I’d ride home from work and it’d be raining harder and the rain that had fallen during the day had collected quite a bit on the sidewalks, which I didn’t mind. But I did get home really dirty and really wet. Mud on my back and chest and face. Probably some in my hair too, which I think I’ll lose tomorrow.

Two things of interest during the dinner shift. The first thing is that word got round to me that the newest server, the male server, is a giant pervert, and someone who, if these allegations are verified personally, I will push in front of a bus or something. One of the servers told me that said this to her: “What’s this high [holding his hand at about waist level] and gives [oral sex]? My son, if you have twenty dollars.” Also, the same server told me that he’s about twenty seven and has a seventeen year old girlfriend. The second part there, I think it would be ok to be twenty seven and have a seventeen year old girlfriend under some conditions, but none of those conditions seem to be in play here. I’m not going on that server’s word about the other server though, she’s not the most reliable source of information and is notorious for stirring up trouble. We’ll see. The other thing is that one of the servers has an autistic child, which I found out about tonight and found myself to be rather excited. I’ve never known anyone with a young autistic person. An interesting idiosyncrasy for this child is that he refuses to handle broken pieces of food, cookies, cheese, etc. The rational behind this is clear to me, the food is “broken” so there is something wrong with it and shouldn’t be eaten. I think I understand autistic somehow.