My monthly logs for this site showed that I’m up a bit in all categories of use, except bandwidth, which shot up quite a bit. Likely because of my Star Wars pictures. Some of my more regular of readers… I wish I knew who they were. If you read this and your not Ryan, Katie, or Hillary, send me a message at . Let me know your a regular.

Part of the premotor cortex in my brain is malfunctioning compared to the rest of your brains. It’s a patch of cells called mirrornuerons. These things are important for so many things in regards to social interaction. Science believes that they are essential for predicting the actions of other people, the ability to tell the immediate future, at least in regards to what or how another person does something. Not so magical as it might sound, I’d imagine that it’s a merely learned probability calculator and these cells act as a hardwired conduit for those calculations. These cells are also likely responsible for learning to imitate the things in a individual’s respective culture or society in order to fit in and be “normal”. Autistics mirror neurons are likely shot to crap, and for that I have envy. I like being able to predict other people’s actions, but I don’t like having my brain trying to force me to conform. My brain doesn’t do a too good job of that though. Today, my mom asked me when I started to walk on the balls of my feet, never using my heels (which I do, when I’m wearing boots or standing still). I don’t know when I did, but it was years ago. Most people walk on the balls of their feet and the heels, in my opinion, because that’s the way they’ve watched other people do it. I’m free from that.

And so many other ways too. Some of my individualism is by choice, true, but so much of it, I don’t really comprehend that I am being different. I know that there are some times that people will point something out, “Steve your so different because you do [this]”, and I act like I do it on purpose, but in my mind, I think “That’s different?”