Did I make an update after the lunch shift? I can’t remember. If I did it was short. I know it went like a lot of other shifts:blah blah blah Ryan blah blah blah Star Wars blah blah stupid people blah blah blah [something funny] blah blah [something stupid] blah blah finally got to go home Freedom Place was pretty decent. During some touch football I stabbed myself in the left ring finger with one of my nails, I’m not sure which one. Broke the skin, but I’m not so sure how deep. During some soccer, my boot died, so I spent the rest of the time in my socks. “Faith Moments” was more interesting than usual, but I can’t remember what the message was. Funny, when I’m bored I can remember the topic, when I’m busy, I can’t. What does that say about learning?

The boot situation put a damper on my plans to just ride to the bank afterwards, so I carved off the hanging chunk of boot, and pedaled back to the house and changed into the hikers that dad got me for Christmas, making this the fifth time I’ve worn them. Then, back down the street, down Blue, up Whatever St., down a bunch of alleys, through a McDonald’s parking lot, and into Unizan. My teller was the only guy that works there. I seem to wind up with him a lot. He’s not new anymore, but seems to have that same “If I don’t mess up, I won’t get beat” vibe to him, so he does everything nervously. Maybe he was in there when the place got knocked over the last time and he’s still jumpy. I’ve had guns waved in my face before, but never in a place that I thought to be “safe”, like we think work is. I suppose that makes a person a bit nervous, questioning their safety, which they’ve taken for granted. Back home, there was an older guy who was in the living room talking to my mom. I got the feeling that he was from the neighborhood, so I was nervous that this was another complaint about the whole nudity thing. Turns out he is the one man campaign against the school levy. A one man campaign that got the city to vote down the levy 2-to-1. Impressive. He wanted my dad on some committee he was forming, after he had read dad’s letter, which I don’t think I’ve read yet.

Chrystal and Hillary were in the green room talking, they asked me when I was going to get around to fixing the computer. I said that I didn’t know there was anything wrong with the computer. They told me it’d been “broken” for four days. Turns out the message my dad sent me earlier in the day asking if I’d looked at the mouse had nothing to do with a mouse my dad had killed. I’ll spare you the boring details of the computer situation and how difficult an incredibly simple problem has become.

I grilled bratwurst for dinner, one rare, one burnt, the rest somewhere in the middle. Mom and Chrystal ate with me, dad showed up after we were done. I fielded the question: “One of the songs on my Clie commands the listener to ‘kill your idols’, what do you think motivates him to ask that?” The resulting conversation was brief and not nearly as deep as I had hoped it would be. Dad came home near the end of dinner, while I was gearing up to go to Jason’s and the mall to do some Mother’s Day shopping. We talked in the kitchen, and I left.

Jason’s? The big thing of note is this: while at Kroger’s, he bought cigarettes. I think he’s going to start smoking habitually again. I’ve got a handful of feelings on this. When I’m around people at work who are smoking, every now and again that will spark up a bit of a craving. Nothing even worth mentioning, just sort of a passing remembrance. With Jason, it was a bit stronger. Not so much that I accepted the offered cigarette, but also it was even more of … hrm … an anti-craving. So I got both, the feeling that “hrm, maybe one wouldn’t hurt”, which it would, they’ve got warning labels on them for a reason, and “don’t be an idiot”.

I had to pause in my typing because Chrystal came in and sat on my floor and talked to me for a half hour. Oh and I ordered new boots. Now? It’s late, and I’m going to bed. Maybe a shower first.