I practice safe hex.

I go out of my way not to visit sites that I think might be infected or will be spreading infection unless I must, and I kick up security for when I do… I don’t use that disease-ridden (edit …) of a program “Outlook”… These are things that I think will keep me safe(r) from virii. Today, I got a bunch of the Sober@MM virus delivered to my inbox to an old account. I’m freaked out now. I don’t think any of them got past my scanner, and I deleted all the e-mails that came in that were questionable. The thing that makes me nervous is that I also got a bunch of e-mails from Road Runner’s mail server saying that my messages to many many many different addresses has failed. That’s what’s got me freaked out. So I’ve got two different scanners running on my computer right now, and so far I’m finding pretty much nothing. Relieved but disappointed, I like doing battle against a pesky virus. Katie is coming home today, and I think she’s working in the restaurant both nights. This is a good thing.