I woke up on time. I woke up tired. I woke up hungry. The hungry bit surprised me. Quite often I wake up rather unhappy of the fact that I’ve woken up, but the hungry bit was new. I had pulled my e-mail while being woke up by … something … earlier this morning and no mail, but whenI get up at eight, there are two e-mails… For some reason I felt really surprised neither of them were from Katie. That… I think… was a “I Just Woke Up” weirdness. Why should I be surprised that she didn’t e-mail me in between the hours of six thirty AM and eight AM? But one of them was from my dad asking me to try and e-mail him a file from his mouseless computer. That was twenty minutes of work. I can navigate a Windows UI pretty easily without a mouse, but the mail client I’ve got on this computer here and his… I have no idea still (even after finding it, albeit accidentally) which button combination actually sends an e-mail message out.

Now, I’ve got work, and I’m sure it’s going to be a slow day.

Storms have calms before them, and they’ve got a calm after them too.